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159 documents matched your query 'liu'.

Besides searching for regular Chinese Culture topics, this search engine can be used for a number of purposes:
1) If you are looking for the origin of your last name, enter your last name followed immediately by an asterisk (*), for example, enter 'lee*'.
2) if you are looking for the Chinese zodiac sign, enter the year you were born, followed immediately by (ad), for example, enter 1957ad. You can also look for zodiac sign of people in history who were born before Christ. Simply enter a (bc) immediately following the year that the person was born, for example, a search for 0063bc will find Augustus Caesar a 'horse'.
3) It can also be used to search for your favorite dishes. A search for 'broccoli' will find all the dishes that use the ingredient.

Note: Put a space in the appropriate place can eliminate a lot of inappropriate search results. For example, a search for the name 'ming' with spaces before and after the word will eliminate words like 'coming' or 'mingle'.

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1. Saan Cryogenics

2. Cryocooler Contamination Study: Temperature Dependence of Outgassing

3. BAE’s Life Test Results on Various Linear Coolers and Their Correlation with a First Order Life Estimation Method


5. arcy Law of Thermo-Osmosis for Zero Net Mass Flow at Low Temperature

6. Sintered Plug Flow Modulation of a Vapor-Liquid Phase Separation for Helium II Vessel

7. Equation for Heat and Mass Flow of non-Newtonian Fluid Through Porous Media: Liquid Helium II - Helium - 4 Vapor Separation

8. Non-Linear Capor-Liquid Phase Separation Including Microgravity Effects

9. Channel Size Influence on the Heat Flux Density at Zero Net Mass Flow in the Non-Linear Transport Regime Between 1.2 K and 2.1 K

10. Space Cryogenics Components Based on the Thermomechanical ™ Effect: I. Vapor-Liquid Phase Separators

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