TMH - photo by Tony Atkins

Play over 1000 professional games to reach 1-dan, it is said. Well, Games of Go on Disk started when T. Mark Hall transcribed over 800 games by Go Seigen into the old Ishi format. In the course of doing this (and no other go study) he improved two grades and became 4-dan!!!

He is the happy bunny at left, having just won the 2000 British Open in Norwich.

Understandably the Go Seigen set became a "must have" for many people and it remains, by far, the most popular of the sets issued on floppy disk. All the games (with quite a few new ones not in the books of collected games - we've just found a new one in a Korean history book) are now on the CD, in the more popular sgf format, and most of the other games are now there too.

However, there are still good reasons for floppies: they are cheaper; there are some games there not on the CD especially the bulk of the Kitani set); there are some games with comments (the Go Seigen floppy set has over 100 commented games); some of the floppy sets are more suited to older machines.

We can offer the following ready-made sets (some in .GO format, some in .GMX and some in .SGF, but a reader is provided free in every case). UK prices average about 15 pounds. Please apply for details.

Stars of the past

IN ADDITION, we are willing to consider making up special sets to your requirements. In this case, please apply direct to GoGod (in England), not Yutopian (in USA), or Het Paard (the rest of Europe).

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