John F. with pro Liu Yajie and prodigy Liao Xingwen reading the Dunhuang Go Manual - we like to check our sources The GoGoD CD is packed with even more goodies - and more are on the way.

The following already there are worth a special mention.

Text features

While the Mindsports Organisation (MSO) web site was running, John Fairbairn was in charge of the go news and features. Many of the features there, covering history, famous players, new stars and so on have now been added to the CD.

Some examples? OK: Profile of Rui Naiwei; history of go in China; history of newspaper go; the early Oteai; go in North Korea; Genkichi's lost diploma; the mystery of Jowa's name; the rivalry of Fan and Shi; Kubomatsu's tengen researches; go epigrams; the ape who played go. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetara.

Tanggo 9x9 board screen shot

9x9 Games

Even Go Seigen has left 9x9 games to posterity. We offer a growing collection of games by top professionals. They can be viewed with the supplied Tanggo program (left), which can also be used for 19x19 by those who prefer pretty graphics.

Subscription service

The philosophy of the GoGoD team has always been to share what they do for fun with fellow players. It is not really a commercial venture and so prices are sensible but very low. The entire database and all the extras described here are therefore on sale for only $55 or 35.

But the GoGoD database is also being continually updated. Therefore all purchasers of an initial copy are entitled, upon proof of purchase and for an annual fee of $60 or 36, to receive three updates a year - that's just about $1 dollar a week.

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