This is one of the best books I've ever seen on Go, regardless of the intended audience. I wish I'd had it 30 years ago when I first learned of Go.
Bill Sommerwerck

...with the lovely cartoons and "roleplaying" that are presented, this seems to be a nice non-threatening way of doing it. Especially with heading off the "Why can't we do this now?" questions at the pass." "Oh, and as a final note, ... even adults will find this useful, not insulting. I definitely got a bit of enlightenment out of it - specifically, in the order of priorities for consideration and plays."
Lisa Maloney

"Overall, I think it's a great combination of gameboard lesson, engaging narrative in the cartoon panels, and 'headlined' points for quickly getting and remembering key rules/concepts. I wish this had been one of the first books I had read on the subject. I'm going through it a second time with my six year old (much slower, of course), and I will run through it again more quickly to see if I missed anything."
Tim Park