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The Thirty-Stratagems Applied to Go

by Ma XiaoChun - Item PAY08
Ranked as the best player in the world in 1995, Ma Xiaochun has had a phenomenal career since turning professional just ten years ago. This book represents his first attempt at a major work of Go literature. It differs from the "usual" Go book in that it examines the application of ancient military maxims to the game. Through careful analysis of 36 complex middle-game positions, taken from actual professional games, Ma shows how to formulate a plan and translate the plan into action on the board.
At every turn, Ma demonstrates his phenomenal full-board vision. Through each diagram, he develops the readerŐs appreciation of the relationship between local tactics and full-board strategy. He shows how to formulate tactics based on strategy, as well as how to reap the ultimate reward by dogged pursuit of strategy in the face of tactical losses.

His choice of a military classic as the basis of his lessons is unprecedented in Go literature. We have all mused about the relationship between Go and warfare, and some authors have written books describing warfare as an extension of Go. But here we have a work that directly interprets military principles into maxims for Go.
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