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Intermediate Level Power Builder

- by Wang Runan dan - Item PAY19
This book is based on a Television program hosted by Wang RuNan 8 dan, that was broadcasted on the Central TV Station, in China. Emphasizing on basic concepts, theories, and techniques, the lessons are intended for an audience of intermediate level players. These lessons were carefully chosen to help the reader excel.

There are a total of thirty four lessons in this program covering many subjects. Thirteen lessons are included in this first volume, with topics ranging from opening to invasion. These lessons are not only useful to Kyu-level players, but also to low Dan-level players as well.

We hope the reader can get strong and have fun reading this book at the same time. Enjoy!

153 pages.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Corner (3-4 komoku, 4-4 star-point or hoshi, 3-3 sansan, 4-5 takamoku, and 3-5 mokuhazushi)
Chapter 2 Section of Joseki (In general , there are two types of joseki: ones in which both sides get equal results locally; others in which one side may have some disadvantage locally.....)
Chapter 3 Oba - or big points , a move that claims a rather large amount of territory. Playing an Oba move helps you expand your own territory, and/or prevents your opponent from getting control of a large territory.
Chapter 4 Fuseki (Shusaku's 1-3-5 opening, Paralled Style Opening-no matter whether you play Black or White, the other player won't be able to break your attempt to play parallel. Chinese Style opening)
Chapter 5 Opening Study 1 (Rin Kaiho against Kato Masao)
Chapter 6 Opening Study 2 (Many mistakes were made by the kyu players, let discuss the mistake and learn from them.)
Chapter 7 Three-Star Opening (Takemiya Masaki against Shiraishi Yutaka)
Chapter 8 Tactics (I have played many handicap games against stronger players, and every time I could not protect my corner territories. *When your stones have accomplished their goals, don't hesitate to sacrifice them.)
Chapter 9 Four-Star (If you understand the concepts, you will be able to play the proper moves for handling many different situations.)
Chapter 10 Invasion (which normally appear during the mid-game stage)
- the purpose of an invasion, the preparation before invasion, the situations that call for invasion, and how to handle your opponent's invasion.
Chapter 11 Invasion 2 (mid-game patterns and the invasion techniques)
Chapter 12 Invasion 3 (Study and analyze many different shapes and situation before you invade)
Chapter 13 Invasion at 3-3 (the execution and defense of 3-3 invasion)

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