Go World Archive Vol. I, Nos. 1-36

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This is Vol. I of a three-volume set. Click here to see Vol. II.

Go World Archive Vol. I, Nos. 1-36

Vol. I of Go World Archive is the first 36 issues of Go World magazine, the English world's premier source of go information, on a single DVD. Includes rare early numbers no longer available. Lovingly scanned to maintain the exact look and feel of the original. Contains a wealth of game commentaries, articles, problems, and news. Extensive index and full-text search is available across the entire archive of nearly 7000 pages. Can be used on any computer with a DVD drive and Adobe Reader software.

Go World Archive is the indispensable addition to your go library, the equivalent of hundreds of go books for a fraction of the price.

Title #EAGW68
Running time: 1 minutes
Format: DVD-R

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