Re: Early Settlers In China...Help Me Please!!!!!!

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Posted by ndomo melingui therese ( on May 08, 2002 at 20:12:21:

In Reply to: Re: Early Settlers In China...Help Me Please!!!!!! posted by ndomo melingui therese on May 07, 2002 at 22:32:33:

: I'm belong to the first Chinese settlement Xia, Shang, Tang and Zhou dynasties you came from Africa and I'm looking for my roots - Ours forefathers after defeated during Shang Tang, left China, back to Africa and were always called slaves - I one of their Great grand dauther. My name may be found within their famillies and descendent in China - I'm a Ph.D student in RENMIN University doing Research where I already discover our Language (Bantu), the Pingyi and Chinese characters originated from this primitive writing system that my forefathers taught at earlier Cina, the settlers of China.(Ndomba and Wa, Yi zhu, that I already meet give me some evidences) I have been very successful and I am looking for a good website about Early settlers or i am hoping one of you nice people are going to help me out! As Economist Anthropologist, I would'nt dig any of my forefather (ancestors) Tombs to know the true or to find my relatives, because it is forbiden in our customs " TAOISM" which means "TRUTH" in Africa. I'm Cameroonian - I think also that someone may one day take me under a BAOBA, our traditional Family Tree,for our roots here in China, if someone knows one somewhere, that will be for a great help..Thank You!
I will also express my joy here as now how several evidences coming up, proof of my unique discovery since the end of the last century, when nobody wanted to accept this truth (Chinese People come from Africa, from the Nile vallee, Cameroon,not Ethiopia which was a newly settlement after Bantu People, NOAH's descendants) - Please I would be more happy to get in touch with my closed cousins -
: : Sincerely,

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