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NEW! ECGCD Go Gap CD-ROM (3,600+ games)

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Less than 2 years to reach Shodan (1D) Games Against Pros (GAP) allows you to replay a professional game as if you were in the game. You can choose to play against or as your favorite player (to learn his style, e.g., TakemiyaÕs Cosmic style and KobayashiÕs Methodical style, etc.) If your move matches that of the professionalÕs, it stays and the game proceeds, with the computer making the next move for your opponent. If your move does not match, the correct move appears. The visual feedback effect helps the user to distinguish the correct moves from that of the incorrect ones. Best of all, the program grades your performance and ranks you from beginner (>30 kyu) to professionals (~7 dan) level, so that you know your progress. Unlike playing computer Go programs which might ruin your skill by picking up bad habbits, Go GAP teaches you the correct techniques and the right way to go. They say it takes 1,000 games to reach Shodan. Playing a game against Go Gap takes less than 15 minutes. For half an hour a day, a beginner can reach Shodan in less than 2 years! The best way to get strong! Requirements: 486 or better, Windows 95/Windows NT or higher, XP. **There is no return or refund for any software. Not for Win 7.

Price: $35.00 + $3.00 s/h

Made in China
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Game Records / Go Games Against Pros
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Game Records / Go Games Against Pros 10% Off
ECGCDNEWPHOTO Go Gap CD-ROM (3,600+ games) no discount ... $35.00 $3.00  Buy!
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