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  PAMOIC Making Out In Chinese

Making out in Chinese (Mardarin) by Ray Daniels No longer do you have to sound awkward or embarrassed when in a situation that wasnŐt covered in the classroom. Making Out in Chinese has been especially written to teach you what all the regular Chinese textbooks donŐt. In no time, youŐll master everything from friendly chitchat to cuddly courtship remarks, from gentle put-downs to violent verbal abuse. This is the one book certain to bring you to a new level of fluency in conversational Chinese. Ray Daniels studied Chinese as an exchange student in Taiwan and Beijing. He met his Chinese wife in a tea shop in Taiwan. 4 by 7 88 pages

$6.00 + $2.50 s/h
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  PAMOIJ Making Out In Japanese

Making out in Japanese by Todd & Erika Geers At Last! A guidebook to Japanese slang! So no one understand theirs because they use the quick, slang phrases your textbook doesnŐt even mention? Learn to use the colorful, colloquial language that the Japanese really speak: from chitchat between friends (ŇwhatŐs up?Ó - Nanka kawatta-koto-atta? ŇNothing special.Ó- Betsuni nani-mo.) to easy conversation in a pub (ŇDo you want to try this food?Ó_Tabete miru? ŇSmells good!Ó - li nioi!) to loverŐs language (ŇI love you but I canŐt marry you.Ó - Aishiteru-kedo kekkon wa dekinai.); here is all the essential vocabulary you need to fit in with the Japanese. No more stumbling or awkwardness when you find yourself in a situation your Japanese teacher didnŐt cover! Accompanied by a pronunciation guide and a key to male/female usage, this book will bring you a new level of fluency and communication.

$6.00 + $2.50 s/h
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  PAMOIK Making Out In Korean

Making Out in Korean by Peter Constantine You want to have some fun in Korea, but you canŐt speak a word of the language. If only you knew a few phrases to help you get started....Well, Making Out in Korean is the answer to your problem! Like the other books in the popular Making Out series, Making Out in Korean gives you the essential words and phrases youŐll need to meet people and get around town with ease. All phrases appear in easy-to-read, romanized form, so youŐll be able to try them out right away. In no time, youŐll be able to hold your own in situations where even a little language can mean a lot, in chapters like: o Party Talk o LoverŐs Language o Eating Whether itŐs pillow talk you need, or the basics to start a conversation, you wonŐt be lost for words with Making Out in Korean, a book that can help turn your stay in the Land of the Morning Calm into a time of fun and adventure. 4 by 7 90 pages

$6.00 + $2.50 s/h
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  PAMOIT Making Out In Thai

Making Out in Thai by John Clewley From the language of eating (a national institution in Thailand) to affairs of the heart, here is all the slang you need to speak like a native in Thai. Learn to use the colorful, colloquial language that Thai people really speak when they hang out with friends, visit places of cultural interest, or romance sweethearts. No more awkwardness when you find yourself in a situation your Thai class didnŐt cover. The book includes a handy pronunciation guide, and all Thai phrases are given in simple, phonetic romanizatons. Sample dialogues illustrate the language of sanuk (fun) and teeow (going out to have fun)-things that really matter in Thailand! 4 by 7 95 pages

$6.00 + $2.50 s/h
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