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EAFUP2 Many Faces Deluxe Version 12 Upgrade**Download version

This Upgrade price is only from version 11. Requirements: 486 or better, Windows 95/Windows NT or higher. The major new features of version 11 are: Stronger Go Engine. Its several stones stronger than version 10 and won the world computer go championship in 1998 and finished second in 2001. New and improved go problems. Over 2000 go problems for all levels of play. The program selects problems for you according to how well you have solved previous problems. Problems are shown in random orientations so its like having 16,000 problems. Built in IGS client so you can play on the Internet using a familiar interface. Realistic sounds Improved Printing. Print games as a series of diagrams. Other new features include: Better game navigation and editing: Ctrl-click on a point to go to a move. Delete this move and all moves to the end of the game. Promote a move to be the main line rather than a variation. Mark all move numbers from a move to the end of the game. Game score graph plots a graph of the score vs move number. Click to go to a position. Eight recent files rather than four Additional Joseki in the Joseki Tutor Score and territory displays are now modal View|All Move Numbers shows the move numbers on every stone Rotate the go board Adjust the stone graphics for flatter or rounder stones. Memorize the window status and location for next time 7x7 and even board sizes More hotkeys and shortcuts Update your go problems from the Internet Computer Solves Problem is much stronger, and gives better explanations. More professional games and over 1000 commented games from the Go Teaching Ladder Improved error messages for badly formatted sgf files Play against the Joseki library in the Joseki Tutor See move numbers in the Joseki Tutor and go to a move or the end of a sequence Adding a text mark defaults to the next unused letter File|Open and File|Save folders are remembered Edit problem files directly And many more www.smart-games.com/mfgo12.msi

Price: $49.95 + $3.00 s/h

Made in America
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Computer Software / Game Playing
Code DescriptionListSaleS/H 
Computer Software / Game Playing 10% Off
EABWC   Bruce Wilcoxs Go Dojo: Contact Fights no discount ... $22.00 $3.00  Buy!
EABWS   Bruce Wilcoxs Go Dojo: Sector Fights no discount ... $32.00 $3.00  Buy!
EAFUP2   Many Faces Deluxe Version 12 Upgrade**Download version no discount ... $49.95 $3.00  Buy!
EAFWD PHOTO Many Faces 12.0 Win95/CD-Rom*Download verion 5% Off ... $89.95$85.45$4.00  Buy!
EAGW68   Go World Archive issues #1-36 no discount ... $37.00 $2.50  Buy!
EAGW69   Go World Archive issues #37-72 no discount ... $37.00 $2.50  Buy!
EAGW70   Go World Archive issues #73-108 no discount ... $37.00 $2.50  Buy!
EAGW71   Go World Archive issues #1-108 no discount ... $99.00 $5.00  Buy!
EBGOPD   GO Plus Plus Deluxe 7.0 (Cd-rom) no discount ... $85.00 $3.50  Buy!
EBGOPP   GO Plus plus 7.0 (Cd-rom) 5% Off ... $49.95$47.45$3.50  Buy!
ECC19-C PHOTO HandTalk CD-Rom*not for Win 7 no discount ... $49.00 $2.50  Buy!
ECCUP   Upgrade to HandTalk 2000 CD-Rom*not for win 7 no discount ... $17.00 $2.50  Buy!
ECGOM   Go Mate CD-Rom ... $55.00$49.50$2.50  Buy!
ECGOP   Go Professional II CD-Rom no discount ... $12.00 $4.00  Buy!
ECWULU PHOTO Wulu Go Champion CD 15% Off ... $69.00$58.65$.00  Buy!
All prices are in US funds. California residents add 10.25% sales tax.

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