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DISCONTINUED EAGOD GoGod Database Cd-rom*out of stock

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Dimensions: 3.5
The GoGoD database has (as of Summer 2009) around 45,000+ games in sgf format. GoGoD95 - a clear and simple game-viewing program which has built-in: GoScorer - play over a game by guessing the next move and keeping track of your score Lunar converter - convert Japanese lunar dates to modern format. a link to the Names Dictionary. The Names Dictionary with over 3,000 biographical entries covering players, patrons, reporters and famous go fans past and present. In printed form this comes to almost 300 pages, but the electronic version includes a program to find the names written in Japanese, Chinese (old and modern) and Korean (characters and hangeul) almost instantly. Photos are included for many players. There is now an html version. The same program (Onomasticon) also provides the ability to look up technical terms (diagrammed) and place names (maps included) in the same languages. Commented games - a selection of games in CBase that can be viewed in GoGoD95. Josekibase - for those who like to study joseki, we have for convenience pre-compiled massive collections of favourite lines in JBase. An associated program allows you to branch through each line while examining the relevant games on a parallel board. A set of one hundred 9x9 pro games. PBase - a program to test yourself on tsumego, endgame and tesuji problems from over 20 classical collections. Go Library - our own database manager, geared mainly to searching for data on names and events, but does include a position search facility. Games can easily be added to the GoGoD database. Kombilo - an even better database manager kindly provided by Ulrich Goertz. Superfast when doing position searches, it has a host of other valuable features such as strict sgf parsing checks and duplicate checks. Screensaver - a program that plays over your favourite games in screensaver mode. Offered by kind permission of Arnoud van der Loeff. From Easter 2004, we will also be offering the Progor tables of go Elo-type ratings compiled by Ales Cieply from GoGoD data. Smart Go Viewer - an advanced sgf viewer from the sgf guru himself, Anders Kierulf Screensaver - a program that plays over your favourite games in screensaver mode. Offered by kind permission of Arnoud van der Loeff. Go World Index - a comprehensive and professional index to the world's premier English-language go magazine, compiled by Jochen Fassbender You can add your own games to the database, but the ones we offer cover the entire spectrum of professional play in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, and the whole range of historical games (including sunjang go). Complete records of nearly all title match games are already there - and for the rest we are getting there! We pride ourselves on having the most accurate and fullest details for every game. All these games can be viewed on the free software provided. Most of the games have been produced on the GoGoD95 program shown below. But there is more to it than meets the eye. You can also record games, it copes with sgf and .GO (Ishi) files, and from here you can switch to GoScorer, you can look up biographical data on the players (or places or terms) with the Onomasticon, or you can convert old lunar dates to modern ones with the Date Converter - as we said, we like to be accurate! The database includes the complete known games of several players, and massive collections for many others. Some typical numbers of games stored for popular players (again, as of October 2001) are: * Go Seigen - 822 * Honinbo Shusaku - 302 * Cho Hun-hyeon - 562 * Rin Kaiho - 1058 * Otake Hideo - 777 * Cho Chikun - 1227 * Yi Ch'ang-ho - 655 * Ma Xiaochun - 277 * Honinbo Shusai - 772 * Takemiya Masaki - 584 * Sakata Eio - 607 * Kato Masao - 613 * Kobayashi Koichi - 667 Also there are the complete games of the old Chinese classics Haichang Er Miao (over 300 games) and Yi Mo (100). The database features over 1400 players. It can also runs on Win 7 or Vista.

Price: $48.00 + $3.00 s/h

Made in America
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