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DISCONTINUED NEW! PAAOF The Analects of Confucius A New-Millennium Translation By David H. Li

Features of this New-Millennium Bilingual Edition of the Analects of Confucious * The translator: - native fluency in Chinese; 65 years exposure to English (including 16 single author books in English) * The translation: focuses on truthfulness; clarity; elegance * The annotation: full background on Chinese history and geopolitical environment in Confucius' time; some 500 footnotes * The chronology: a year-by-year account of Confucius' life * Three key-word indexes: Disciples; Other persons; Subject Ancient Chinese literatures are very concise and yet rhymed. Often, many words are needed in translating these passages. Dr. Li's English translation is as concise as the original text, elegant, and rhymed nicely, as reflected by the following selected passages from the New-Millennium Bilingual Edition of the Analects of Confucius. * On 'Consideration' (perhaps the most famous teaching in the Analects as translated by David H. Li) That what one disfavors, apply not to others. * On 'Brotherhood' (eight words in original, eight words as translated by Li) Within the fours seas, everyone is a brother. * On Confucius' 'Aspiration' (12 words in original, 9 as translated by Li) Comfort the elderly, confide in friends, caress the young * On the 'Importance of Words' (quoted from the Book of Poems, rhymed; as translated by Li, also rhymed): An imperfection in a white jade scepter, By grinding, can be restored to perfection; Any imperfection in words you utter, Is beyond restoration by any application. 286 pages, ISBN 0-9637852-8-1

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Made in America
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