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PAGKD Go for Kids/Go At Ease Cd-rom Package

Dimensions: 8x6
Go for Kids is written for children age 12 (sixth grade) and up, because the nature and inherent complexity of Go concepts require at least that level of reading skill, vocabulary and reasoning ability. But it can also be used quite satisfactorily by even much younger children with some assistance from older siblings and parents. The attractiveness and clarity of presentation of Go for Kids derives from its unique use of 427 panels of question-and-answer cartoon strip dialogues between instructor and students which augment its 340 coventional diagrams and their accompanying explanatory text. These “comic strip” dialogue panels provide a much needed context for the material being presented (almost entirely missing in other Go primers), so that deep rather than superficial comprehension and learning can take place. They also provide a familiar and pleasurable child-friendly format, as well as “built in” breaks from the more formal tutorial material, and this makes Go for Kids far easier and more pleasureable for children to read than the conventional text-and-diagram-only approach used by all prior Go books. I am aware than no presentation can possible completely satisfy the perceived needs of all potential users, but it is my honest belief that Go for Kids goes far further in this regard than anything extant, and most of those who have seen it pre-publication agree. But ultimately the only judgment that counts is yours, and the only way that you can make that judgment correctly is to read Go for Kids yourself. 8 by 6 with 250 pages. Go at Ease CD-rom - Best introduction to the game of Go. Requirements: 486 or better, Windows 95/Windows NT or higher.

Price: $42.00 + $4.00 s/h

Made in America
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