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PAS01 Oriental Secrets to Weights Loss 20% Off

Translated by Dr. Sidney Yuan

Literally Breathe Your Body Fat Away!
Order this book today and start losing weight. Get beautiful skin and high energy also while you are at it.

Most people in their efforts to reduce have tried some sort of diet. Unfortunately, the results of these simple diets are often quite disappointing for the following reasons; 1) the reduction in food intake results in discomforts like dizziness, weakness, and anxiety; 2) difficulties in overcoming the hungry sensation which accompanies most diets; 3) the inability to prevent regaining lost weight after the diet is over.

The simple (non-strenuous) breathing exercise discussed in this book has been proven to work by thousands of people throughout the world, when performed with a simple diet. This exercise program is based on Chi Kung and is devised to overcome the discomforts and hungry sensation which accompany diets, and, most important, to prevent the regaining of lost weight. The exercises are easy to learn and simple to do. Step by step instructions are given in the book.

Chi Kung has a history of thousands of years and has been practiced by millions of Chinese. The exercise program discussed in this book has also been found to cure cancer, depression, high blood pressure, mild heart disease, impotence, hepatitis, ulcers, back pain, arthritis, fatigue, and allergies. As a by-product, this exercise also gives you high energy and beautiful skin.

The reasons why this Chi Kung exercise program work are examined from a scientific point of view in this book. This book also presents valuable data on the subject of obesity, for example, statistical data, definitions of ideal weights, etc. As a bonus, other Oriental weight-reduction techniques--Yoga and Massage--are also introduced.

Price: $9.56 ($11.95 - 20%) + $3.50 s/h

Made in America

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PAS01   Oriental Secrets to Weights Loss 20% Off ... $11.95$9.56$3.50  Buy!
PAS01-D   Damaged copy - Oriental Secrets to Weights Loss no discount ... $6.00 $3.50  Buy!
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