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Why is Travel Insurance Important?

Most people don't think they need travel insurance and regard travel insurance as an added expense or a luxury. But since accidents or emergencies can happen unexpectedly, travel insurance is an affordable prearranged protection policy which provides you a peace of mind. Travel insurance protects travelers from unforeseen circumstances which may occur after you have booked and paid for your trip. Nowadays, a vacation trip can cost a fortune, considering the cost of the tickets and travel packages. What if you accidentally fell and broke your leg and have to cancel your vacation? Without travel insurance, this can be costly. The travel insurance not only helps to protect you from personal situations, it also covers errors on the part of travel agencies and airlines. This insurance also safeguards travelers if unforeseen situations arise once they reach their destination (for example, medical emergencies, accidents, thefts, etc). Travel agencies and companies that specialize in travel insurance cab provide different policies that suit your need. Travel Insurance could be the most important purchase of your whole vacation, especially when you are travelling with children. The following are some of the main reasons why you should cover yourself with Travel Insurrance:

Accidents- if you are involved in an accident and need medical treatment or evaluation. Travel insurance covers medical emergencies

Acts of God - Travel insurance refund tickets for natural disasters such as flood, hurricane, tsunamis, and typhoons, etc.

Bankruptcy of Travel Agency- travel insurance pays non-refundable expenses covered and help you to get to your destination.

Flight Cancellation- travel insurance issues refunds on value of tickets

Lost Luggage and Bags- travel insurance can provide emergency cash

Lost or Stolen Identification- If you lose your passport and need to have it replaced, travel insurance can help

Medical Emergency- from special medical needs to filling of prescription

Trip Cancelation due to Unforeseen Reasons- Travel insurance refunds trips because of personal circumstances, such as illnesses.


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