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Click on any part of the interactive map below to navigate in Beijing:
Hebei Hebei Hebei Hebei Beijing Beijing Hebei Hebei Hebei Hebei
Hebei Hebei Hebei Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Hebei Hebei Hebei
Hebei Hebei Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Hebei Hebei
Hebei Hebei Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing
Hebei Hebei Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Hebei
Hebei Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Hebei
Hebei Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Tianjin
Hebei Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Hebei Hebei Tianjin Tianjin
Hebei Hebei Hebei Hebei Hebei Tianjin Tianjin Tianjin Tianjin Tianjin


**********Travel to China**********

Beijing is the capital of China and is the nation's center of government, economy, culture, and international activities, as well as a transportation hub. It is one of the four municipalities of China together with Shanghai, Tianjin,and Chongqing.It has 18 disctricts and counties, with an area of 16,800 square kilometers and a population of 12 million.

Beijing has a long history. As early as 480,000 B.C., Peking Man lived in the vicinity. It is also an ancient cultural city. It was established in 1045 B.C., and served as the capital of the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

Beijing is also known as a tourist city for its many places of interest, including ancient buildings, royal gargens, temples, palaces, and modern structures. It is also a gathering place for many celebrities and artists.

Urban construction has brought new changes to Beijing, making it both an ancient and a modern metropolis.

Beihai Park
The Beihai Park was the Imperial Garden of the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties. It is one of the oldest gardens in China.

Beijing Palace Museum
The Palace Meseum, formerly known as the Forbidden City, lies in the center of Beijing. Built between 1406 and 1420, the palace served as the imperial palace to the Ming and Qing dynasties. It has 9,000 halls and rooms, containing many precious relics, and is the largest palace in the world.

Beijing Zoo
The Beijing Zoo is the oldest zoo in China and has a vast vaiety of animal species, including the giant panda, the golden monkey, the white-lip deer, the red-crown crane, and many rare animals from around the world.

The Great Wall
The Great Wall is a symbol of the ancient Chinese civilization. It was built as a defensive structure. Stretching 6,350 kilometers, it is one of the man-made wonders in the world. The best-preserved and most imposing section of the wall is at Badaling, 80 kilometers north of Beijing. But the beauty and magnitude of the wall can also be seen at Jinshanling, Mutianyu, and Simatai.

Hutongs are a special feature of downtown Beijing, with more than 4,550 of them scattered throughout the city. Hutongs are the lanes on both sides of a courtyard containing compound houses. The best-preserved hutongs are those around the Mansion of Prince Yixin. Riding in old-fashioned pedicabs through these hutongs is a special tourist attraction for the Bejing trip.

Jingshan Park
A royal garden of the Ming and Qing dynasties, Jingshan Park is located adjacent to the Palace Mesuem. It has the best panoramic view of the entire city.

Liulichang Cultural Street
The 750 meter long Liulichang Cultural Street is populated by dozens of stores dealing from second-hand books, antiques, curios, traditional Chinese stationary, paintings, calligraphy, to arts and crafts.

Marco Polo Bridge
Erected in 1189, the Marco Polo Bridge is the oldest and grandest arch bridge in Beijing, spanning the Yongding River in southwestern Beijing. This was the location where resistance against the Japanese war invasion began, and a memorial hall was build to commemorate the incidence.

The Ming Tombs
Covering an area of 40 square kilometers, the Ming Tombs is a group of mausoleums of 13 Ming emperors and their emperesses and concubines. Two of the tombs, Changling and Dingling, are open to the public. The Dingling is the most renown tomb with an underground palace.

Qianmen Market
Established in the early Qing dynasty, the 500 year old Qianmen Market is a cluster of ancient shopping streets lined with quite a few old stores and newly emerged shops.

The Summer Palace
The Summer Palace was a grand imperial palace and a royal garden of the Qing dynasty. It is an outstanding example of Chinese classical style imperial garden.

The Temple of Heaven
The Temple of Heaven was built in 1420 and was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties pray to heaven for good harvests. It is the largest temple complex in China.

Tian'anmen Square
It is located in the center of Beijing. Tian'anmen Square covers 400,000 square meters and is the largest city square in the world. Tian'anmen (the Gate of Heavenly Peace) was the front gateway to the Imperial Palace in both the Ming and the Qing dynasties. A picture of the Tian'anmen Square is depicted in the center of the Chinese national emblem. The inauguration ceremony of the People's Republic of China was held at the Tian'anmen Square on October 1, 1949.

Wangfujing Street
Located to the east of Tian'anmen Square, the 500 year old Wangfujing Street is one of the busiest shopping streets in Beijing.

Xidan Street
Located to the west of Tian'anmen Square, the Xidan Shopping Street encompasses Xuanwumennei Street and Xidan Street North. It is one of the busiest commercial centers in Beijing.

Xiushui Street Bazaar
The bazaar occupies a narrow, 400 meter long strip on Xiushui Street in the embassy district near the Temple of the Sun in the Chaoyang District. There are more than 300 booths selling clothes, arts and crafts.

Yonghegong Lamasery
The Yonghegong Lamasery was built in 1694 and is the largest lamasery in Beijing. In the tower there is a standing figure of the Buddhist, Maitreya, eight meter in diameter and 26 meter tall carved in sandalwood.

Yuanming Yuan
The Yuanming Yuan was an imposing imperial palace built during the reigns of Emporors Kang Xi and Qian Long of the Qing dynasty. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by foreign invaders. The ruins of Yuanming Yuan are well-preserved and are open to the public.

Zhongshan Park and the Laboring People's Cultural Park
These were the royal temples for ancestor worship during the Ming and Qing dynasties and have become parks during the 1914 and 1924 period.

Other Attractions
Other attractions include the Ancient Observatory, the Temple of the Earth, Fragrant Hills Park, the ruins of the Chinese Ape-Man, the China Ethnic Culture Park, the Big Bell Temple, the World Park, the Grand View Garden, the Taoranting Park, the Temple of Pool and Cudrania, and the Longqing Gorge.

Scenic Places, Famous Places and Attractions Lookup in Beijing City:

Park Beihai

Grand View Garden (Daguanyuan)

The Great Wall

Imperial Palace (Forbidden City)

Ming Tomb

Summer Palace (Yiheyuan)

Temple of Heaven (Tiantan)


Postal Area Zip and Telephone Code Lookup of Major Cities in Beijing City:
BeijingPostal Zip Code 100000Phone Area Code 010
ChangpingPostal Zip Code 102200Phone Area Code 010
DaxingPostal Zip Code 102600Phone Area Code 010
FangshanPostal Zip Code 102400Phone Area Code 010
HuairouPostal Zip Code 101400Phone Area Code 010
MentougouPostal Zip Code 102300Phone Area Code 010
MiyunPostal Zip Code 101500Phone Area Code 010
PingguPostal Zip Code 101200Phone Area Code 010
ShunyiPostal Zip Code 101300Phone Area Code 010
TongxianPostal Zip Code 101100Phone Area Code 010
YanqingPostal Zip Code 102100Phone Area Code 010
YanshanPostal Zip Code 102500Phone Area Code 010
Click Here to Look Up Postal Area Zip and Telephone Code of Other Cities

Useful Telephone Numbers in Beijing:
Beijing Air China Ticket Reservation66013336
Beijing Airport Information64563604
Beijing Branch Bank of China65199114
Beijing Railroad Station 65129525
Beijing International Post Office65128114
Beijing Jianguomennei Post Office65196642
Beijing Taxi service68582661
Beijing Taxicab Administration64616688
Tourist Complaints Hotline65130828
Tourist Taxi service65158604

Weather and Average Temperatures Lookup of Major Cities in Beijing City:
Beijing-4.7C or 23.5F13.2C or 55.4F26.0C or 78.8F12.5C or 54.5F
Click Here to Look up Weather of Other Cities

Hotels in Beijing
Hotel Name AddressTelephoneFAX
Beijng Hotel 33 Chang'an Blvd6513776665137842
Beijing Grand Hotel35 Chang'an Blvd6513778865130048
China World Hotel1 Jianguomenwai Blvd6505226665050828
Beijing International Hotel9 Jianguomennei Blvd6512668865129972
Beijing Mandarin HotelChengongzhuang Road, Xicheng District6831998868311818
Asia Hotel8 Xinzhongxi Street, Gongti Road North6500778865008001
Taiwan Hotel5 Jinyu Lane, Wangfujing6513668865136896
Commercial Business ComplexBuilding No. 1, Yulinli, You'anmenwai6329224463292140
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Restaurants in Beijing
Confucius Kitchen3 Liulichang Cultural Street63030689
Donglaishun RestaurantSoutheast of Tian'anmen Square65241042
Fangshan Restaurant1 Wenjin Street, Xicheng District64042573
Pianyifang Peking Duck2 Chongwenmenwai Street67120505
Quanjude Peking Duck32 Qianmen Street65112418
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Shopping in Beijing
Beijng Department Store255 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District65126677
Beijing Duty-Free StoreSouth Road, 3rd Ring Road East, Chaoyang District67736076
Beijing Friendship Store17 Jianguomenwai Blvd65003311
Beijing Paintings Store289 Wangfujing Street65138413
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Recreation Activities in Beijing
Beijing Music Hall1 Xinhua Street, Liubukou, Xicheng District66057006
Beijing Opera TheaterQianmen Hotel63016688
Beijing Recreation CenterMiddle Road, 4th Ring Road North, Andingmenwai64993434
Chang'an Opera Theater7 Jianguomennei65101309
Chaoyang Golf ClubShangsi Road, Chaoyang District65001149
Capital Theater22 Wangfujing Street65250996
International Golf Amusement ParkMing Tombs Reservoir North, Changping County69746388
Lao She TeahouseBuilding #3, Qianmen Street West63036830
Shunyi Golf ClubChaobaihe Reservoir East, Shunyi County69441005
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Museums in Beijing
Ancient Bells Museum31 A West Road, 3rd Ring Road, North62550843
Beijing Ancient ObservatoryJianguomennei Blvd65128923
Beijing Museum of Natural History126 Tianqiao Street South, Chongwen District67024431
China Aviation MuseumDatangshan, Changping County69784882
Chinese Art Gallery1 Wusi Street, Dongcheng District64016234
Museum of Chinese HistoryTian'anmen Square East65128321
Palace Museum4 Jingshan Street, Front65132255
Peking Man Exhibition HallZhoukoudian, Fangshan District69301272
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Hospitals in Beijing
Peking Union Medical College Hospital1 Shuaifuyuan, Dongcheng District65296114
Beijing Hospital1 Dahua Road, Dongdan Street65132266
Sino-Japanese Friendship HospitalHepingli Street North, Chaoyang District64221122
Beijing Friendship HospitalYong'an Road, Tianqiao Street, Xuanwu District63014411
Beijing Emergency CenterQianmen Street West66014433
International SOS Emergency Service433 Kunlun Hotel65003419
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