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Scenic Places, Famous Places and Attractions Lookup in Chongqing Province:

Mount Baoding

Changjiang Sanxia Gorges

Sanxia Gorges Dam

Wuxia Gorges

Chongqing City

Postal Area Zip and Telephone Code Lookup of Major Cities in Chongqing Province:
BaxianPostal Zip Code 401320Phone Area Code 0023
BeiBeiPostal Zip Code 400700Phone Area Code 0023
BishanPostal Zip Code 402760Phone Area Code 0023
ChangshouPostal Zip Code 401220Phone Area Code 0023
ChenkouPostal Zip Code 405900Phone Area Code 0023
ChongqingPostal Zip Code 400000Phone Area Code 0023
DazuPostal Zip Code 402360Phone Area Code 0023
DianshanPostal Zip Code 408300Phone Area Code 0023
FengduPostal Zip Code 408200Phone Area Code 0023
FengjiePostal Zip Code 404600Phone Area Code 0023
FulingPostal Zip Code 408000Phone Area Code 0023
HechuanPostal Zip Code 401520Phone Area Code 0023
JiangbeiPostal Zip Code 401120Phone Area Code 0023
JiangjinPostal Zip Code 402260Phone Area Code 0023
KaixianPostal Zip Code 405400Phone Area Code 0023
LiangpingPostal Zip Code 405200Phone Area Code 0023
NanchuanPostal Zip Code 408400Phone Area Code 0023
NantongPostal Zip Code 400800Phone Area Code 0023
QianjiangPostal Zip Code 409700Phone Area Code 0023
QijiangPostal Zip Code 401420Phone Area Code 0023
RongchangPostal Zip Code 402460Phone Area Code 0023
ShizhuPostal Zip Code 409100Phone Area Code 0023
ShuangqiaoPostal Zip Code 400900Phone Area Code 0023
TongliangPostal Zip Code 402560Phone Area Code 0023
TongnanPostal Zip Code 402660Phone Area Code 0023
WanxianPostal Zip Code 404000Phone Area Code 0023
WulongPostal Zip Code 408500Phone Area Code 0023
WushanPostal Zip Code 404700Phone Area Code 0023
WuxiPostal Zip Code 405800Phone Area Code 0023
YongchuanPostal Zip Code 402000Phone Area Code 0023
YunyangPostal Zip Code 404500Phone Area Code 0023
ZhongxianPostal Zip Code 404300Phone Area Code 0023
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Weather and Temperatures Lookup of Major Cities in Chongqing Province:
Chongqing City7.5 C 18.4 C28.3 C118.4 C
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