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Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province, located along the banks of the South China Sea. It is an ancient cultural city, aport for foreign trading, and the largest industrial and commercial city in southern China. Guangzhou has a humid climate, and flowers bloom all year round; hence it is call the City of Flowers.

There are 150 historical sites in Guangzhou and many modern facilities for recreation (see table below). The city is famous for embroidery, local opera, and food. Guangzhou has convenient transportation. The Beijing-Guangzhou and the Beijing-Kowloon railways link Guangzhou with all major cities in China. Highways, airlines, and water transportation provide easy access to all parts of the country and the world.

Mount Baiyun
Mount Baiyun is a scenic spot in suburban Guangzhou. There are a number of attractions on the mountain including, a tropical botanic garden, the Bright Pearl Tower (Mingzhu Tower), the Nengren Temple, and the Nine Dragon Hot Spring.

The Chen Family Temple
The Chen Family Temple was originally built with funds raised by the Chen families in 72 counties of the Guangdong Province. It is a representative art work of the traditional architecture in ancient Guangdong and Guangxi areas.

Mount Dinghu
Mount Dinghu is located eighty-six kilometers east of Guangzhou. It is a state level reserve with over 2,000 species of rare plants.

The Oriental Amusement Park
Lying at the foot od Mount Baiyun, the Oriental Amusement Park is a large mordern recreation center.

The Six-Banyan Monastery
There is an ancient pagoda (see picture below) and three huge bronze Buddha statues in the Six-Banyan Monastery. Both the pagoda and the Buddha statues are the tallest in the city of Guangzhou.

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
The Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall is an octangonal structure built with money raised by overseas Chinese and Guangzhou residents in honor of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen.

Yuexiu Park
Yuexiu Park is located on the beautiful Yuexiu Mountain. It is the largest park in Guangzhou.

Other Attractions
Other attractions include the Zhenhai Tower and the Number One Tower (Diyi Liu)in Guangdong and Guangxi.

Scenic Places, Famous Places and Attractions Lookup in Guangzhou City:

The Chen's Family Temple

The Six-Banyan Pagoda

The Sun Yat-Sen Momorial

The Zhenhai Tower
Useful Telephone Numbers in Guangzhou:
Air Ticket Reservation83199588
Guangzhou Baiyun Airport 86596123
Guangzhou Branch Bank of China83340998
Guangzhou People's Hospital 83827812
Guangzhou Post Office81884149
Guangzhou Railway Station87157222
Guangzhou Taxi Services86661873
Guangzhou Tourist Complaint Hotlines86681163
Guangzhou Tourist Complaint Hotlines86687042
Guangzhou Tourist Vehicle Co.86577600
No. 1 People's Hospital83333090

Weather and Average Temperatures Lookup of Major Cities in Guangzhou City:
Guangzhou13.4 C21.8 C28.3 C23.8 C
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Hotels in Guangzhou City
Hotel Name AddressTelephoneFAX
Guangzhou International Hotel Liuhua Road8666688886677288
International China Hotel339 Ring Road East8331188883311666
Guangzhou Yingbin HotelJiefang Road North8333295083332911
Plaza Caton348 Jiangnan Blvd, Middle District8441888884429645
Guangzhou HotelZhuhai Square8333816883330791
Guangzhou PlazaDongfeng Road, Middle District8333993383339723
Guangdong Hotel294 Changdi Road8188360181883667
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Restaurants in Guangzhou City
Banxi Restaurant151 Longjin Road, West81815718
Dasanyuan RestaurantChangdi Road81883277
Guangzhou Restaurant2 Wenchang Road, South81380388
Nanyuan Restaurant142 Qianjin Road84449979
Taotaoju Restaurant20 Dishifu Road81816111
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Shopping in Guangzhou City
Guangdong General Relics Store555 Dongfeng Road, East83850442
Guangzhou Chubaozhai96 Xianlie Road, Middle District87777047
Guangzhou Department Store295 Beijing Road83322348
Guangzhou Friendship Store369 Ring Road, East83576628
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Recreation Activities in Guangzhou City
Big Hippo Water World 55. Beside Nanhu Hotel, Tonghe Town 87093517
East Lake Park123 Donghu Road87775672
Golden Beach Amusement Park543 Binjiang Road, East34259534
Grand World Scenic Park90 Da Guan Road, Dongpu 82373888
Guangzhou Cultural Park37 Xitierma Road81882488
Guangzhou Sculpture Park547 Xiatang Road, West86351663
Guangzhou Zoo120 Xianlie Road, Middle District 87755269
Hai Tong Park337 Tongfu Road, Middle District 84447152
Liu Hua Hu Park100 Liuhua Road86662196
Li Wan Hu Park155 Longjin Road, West 81813626
Lotus Hill Golf ClubLotus Hill, Panyu84866666
Lu Hu ParkLuhu Road83593474
Nanhu Golf & Country Club20- minute from downtown to the course87460170
Ocean World120 Xianlie Road, Middle District87611884
Tian He ParkTianhe Road, Yuan Cun85525020
Xiao Gang Park146 Qianjin Road84448240
Yue Xiu ParkJiefang Road, North86690556
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Museums in Guangzhou City
Guangdong Museum215 Wenming Road83838432
Guangzhou Gallery of Arts & Crafts840 Dongfeng Road, East87785034
Huang Hua Gang Memorial Park39 Xianlie Road, Middle District87757389
Memorial Hall of Liao Zhongkai & He Xiangning24 Dongsha Street, Fangzhi Road84429993
Memorial of Martyrs92 Zhongshan Er Road83825037
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial HallDongfeng Road, Middle District83340030
Western-Hall Nanyue Emperor TombJiefang Road, North86664920
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Hospitals in Guangzhou City
Guangzhou Children Hospital318 Renmin Road, Middle District 81886332
Guangzhou Isolation Hospital627 Dongfeng Road, East83816453
Guangdong Jiangnan HospitalJiangnan Branch Hospital No.3 Dunhe Road84180559
Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital396 Tongfu Road, Middle District84412233
NanFang HospitalTonghe Road, Middle District, Baiyun85141888
People's Hospital106 Zhongshan Er Road83827812
Zhongshan Ophthalmology Center54 Zhixin Road87333209
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