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Shanghai is one of the four municipalities of China together with Beijing, Tianjin,and Chongqing. It is located along the beach of East China Sea and the southern banks of the mouth of the Changjiang Tiver. It is a city under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Government. It is also the largest metropolitan city and one of the oldest cultural cities of China. It is a flourishing international city, known world-wide for its highly developed industry, commerce, and finance and its convenient land, air and sea transportation, rich tourist resources, great variety of food, and recreational facilities.

Ancient Town of Waters and Rivers
The simple yet elegant buildings, and bridges in various shapes on the rivers in the ancient small town form a typical scene of southern China.

The Bund
Located along the banks of the Huangpu River, the night view of the Bund is a symbol and landmark of Shanghai city.

The Temple of Jade Buddha
Built in 1882, the Temple of Jade Buddha is a well preserved monastery of Zen Buddhism, where a jade state of Sakyamuni is enshrined.

Longhua Temple
Built in 242 A.D., the Longhua Temple is the oldest temple in Shanghai. The temple is also known for its pagoda and its peach blossoms.

Nanjing Road
The five-kilometer long Nanjing Road is the busiest commercial center in Shanghai. The streets are lined by stores and can accommodate up to a million people. It is an ideal place for shopping, dinning, and recreational activities.

The Oriental Pearl Telecision Tower (Dongfang Mingzhu TV Tower)
With a height of 468 meters, it is the highest television tower in Asia. At the top of the tower one can take a panoramic view of the entire Shanghai city.

Former Residence of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and his wife Song Ching-Ling (Soong Ching-Ling) lived here from 1918 to 1924.

Residents' New Village
Visitors can stay here with the local residents and learn about the lifestyle of people in Shanghai.

Yangpu and Nanpu Bridges
The 7658 meter-long Yangpu Bridge and the 8346 meter-long Nanpu Bridge are double-cable long-span suspension bridges. They are among the longest bridges in the world.

Yuyuan Garden
The Yuyuan Garden was built in the Ming and Qing styles and is the most renowned classical garden in Shanghai. There are 40 scenic spots in the garden.

Other Attractions
Grand View Garden, the former residences of Song Ching-Ling (Soong Ching-Ling) and Lu Xun, Guyi Garden, and Dianshan Lake.

Scenic Places, Famous Places and Attractions Lookup in shanghai City:

Shanghai City

Badaling Great Wall

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Fragrant Hill

The Great World

The Jade Buddha Temple

The Nanjing Road

The Night View of the Bund

Yangpu Bridge

The Yuyuan Garden

Postal Area Zip and Telephone Code Lookup of Major Cities in shanghai City:
BaoshanPostal Zip Code 201900Phone Area Code 021
ChangningPostal Zip Code 200000Phone Area Code 021
Chongming CountyPostal Zip Code 202150Phone Area Code 021
FengxianPostal Zip Code 201400Phone Area Code 021
HongkouPostal Zip Code 200000Phone Area Code 021
HuangpuPostal Zip Code 200000Phone Area Code 021
JiadingPostal Zip Code 201800Phone Area Code 021
Jing'anPostal Zip Code 200000Phone Area Code 021
JinshanPostal Zip Code 201500Phone Area Code 021
LuwanPostal Zip Code 200000Phone Area Code 021
MinhangPostal Zip Code 201100Phone Area Code 021
NanhuiPostal Zip Code 201300Phone Area Code 021
PudongPostal Zip Code 200120Phone Area Code 021
PutuoPostal Zip Code 200000Phone Area Code 021
QingpuPostal Zip Code 201700Phone Area Code 021
SongjiangPostal Zip Code 201600Phone Area Code 021
XuhuiPostal Zip Code 200000Phone Area Code 021
YangpuPostal Zip Code 200000Phone Area Code 021
ZhabeiPostal Zip Code 200000Phone Area Code 021
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Useful Telephone Numbers in Shanghai:
Shanghai Tourist Hotline62520000
Tourist Complaints64393615
Shanghai Hongqiao Airport62683659
Shanghai East Airlines Ticket Reservations62472255
Shanghai Railway Station63179090
Port Passenger Station63261261
People's No. 1 Hospital63240100
Emergency Center63244010
Shanghai Post Office63252070
Bank of China, Shanghai Branch73291979
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Weather and Average Temperatures Lookup of Major Cities in Shanghai City:
Shanghai3.3 C13.8 C27.9 C17.9 C

Hotels in Shanghai
Hotel Name AddressTelephoneFAX
Shanghai Hilton InternationalHuashan Road6248000062483848
Sheraton Hua Ting Hotel1200 Caoxi Road North6439100062550830
Galaxy Hotel888 Zhongshan Road West6275588862750039
Yangtze New World HotelYan'an Road West6275000062750750
Shanghai HotelUrumqi Road North6248008862481056
Windsor Evergreen HotelBaise Road6470088864704832
Yangtze Hotel740 Hanhou Road6320788063206974
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Restaurants in Shanghai
Shanghai Old Restaurant242 Fuyou Road63289850
Luyang Village Restaurant763 Nanjing Road West62538427
Yangzhou Restaurant72 Nanjing Road West63587988
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Shopping in Shanghai
Shanghai Cultural Relics Store218 Guangdong Road63214697
Shanghai Arts & Crafts Center190 Nanjimg Road West63276530
Shanghai Friendship Store40 Beijing Road East63294600
Shanghai Foreign Languages Book Store390 Fuzhou Road63223200
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Recreation Activities in Shanghai
China Opera Theater704 Niuzhuang Road63862697
International Golf ClubZhujiajiao Qingpu59728111
Shanghai Music Hall523 Yan'an Road East63862697
Shanghai Opera Theater333 Shimen Road 1st62562678
Shanghai Shaoxing Opera Theater16 Lane 10, Fuxing Road West64376962
Shanghai World Recreation Center1 Tibet (Xizang) Road South63263760
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Museums in Shanghai
Former Residence of Soong Ching-Ling1843 Huaihai Road M64376268
Former Residence of Sun Yat-Sen7 Xiangshan Road64372954
International Church53 Hengshan Road64376576
Lu Xun Memorial Hall2288 Sichuan Road North56962093
Shanghai Art Gallery456 Nanjing Road West63270557
Shanghai History Museum1286 Hongqiao Road62755595
Shanghai Museum201 Renmin Blvd63727827
Shanghai Nature Museum260 Yan'an Road East63213548
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Hospitals in Shanghai
People's No. 1 Hospital 63240100
Emergency Center 63244010
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