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Tianjin is one of the four municipalities of China together with Beijing, Shanghai,and Chongqing. It is located in the northeast of North China Plain, with the Bohai Sea on the east, and the Yuanshan Mountain on the north. It is approximately 120 kilometers on the north east side of Beijing covering an area of 11,300 square kilometers. Tianjin is one of the four centrally administered municipalities, together with Beijin, Shanghai and chongqing.

Tianjin has become the hub of communications in North China and the gateway to Beijing. It's the largest industrial city in North China and also an important commercial center and largest ocean port in northern China. Tianjin Harbor has about 56 docks and 30 international sea routes, serving major cities in the North and Northwest China, including Beijing. Tianjin also has a well-developed network of transportation system, serving over 30 cities throughout the country by air transportation.

Tianjin is one of China's biggest industrial centers and is rich in petroleum, natural gas and sea salt. It is a prosperous business center as well as a distribution center for goods and materials in North China.

The top ten attractions in Tianjin, known as Jinmen Shijing, are Gu Wenhua Jie, Dagu Emplacement, Huangyaguan Great Wall, Dule Temple, Haihe River, Water Park, Panshan Mountain, Hotel Street and Food Street, Tianjin TV & Radio Tower and Zhonghuan Cailian.

Scenic Places, Famous Places and Attractions Lookup in Tianjin City:

Tianjin TV Tower



Mazu Temple

Postal Area Zip and Telephone Code Lookup of Major Cities in Tianjin City:
BaodiPostal Zip Code 301800Phone Area Code 022
DagangPostal Zip Code 300270Phone Area Code 022
HanguPostal Zip Code 300480Phone Area Code 022
JinghaiPostal Zip Code 301600Phone Area Code 022
JixianPostal Zip Code 301900Phone Area Code 022
NinghePostal Zip Code 301500Phone Area Code 022
TangguPostal Zip Code 300450Phone Area Code 022
TianjinPostal Zip Code 300000Phone Area Code 022
WuqingPostal Zip Code 301700Phone Area Code 022
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Useful Telephone Numbers in Tianjin:
China International Travel Service28358309
Public Service Bureau23118951
Tourist Complaints Hotline28359093
Tourist Consultants28366002

Weather and Average Temperatures Lookup of Major Cities in Tianjin City:
Tianjin-4.2 C13.0 C26.5 C13.6 C
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Hotels in Tianjin
Hotel Name AddressTelephoneFAX
Imperial Palace Hotel177, Jiefang Bei Road2319088823190888
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Restaurants in Tianjin
Jiahe Seafood RestaurantNo.1 Erjing Road,Dongli Economic Development District 24999600
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Shopping in Tianjin
Ancient Culture StreetBeima Road28358812
Antique Market (Guwan Shichang)Shenyang Dao27306084
Jixian County Huangyaguan GreatIn Huangyaguan Section of the Great Wall in Wall Shop Jixian County 29718106
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Recreation Activities in Tianjin
Tianjin Opera and Dance Drama TheaterNo. 96, Jianshan Road, Hexi District28248766
Tianjin Peking Opera Theater No. 6, Tiyuan Beihuan Zhonglu Road, Hexi District23358065
Tianjin People's Art Theater No. 43 Pingshan Dao, Hexi District23341090
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Museums in Tianjin
Tianjin MuseumNo.31, Youyi Road, Hexi District58793000
Tianjin Museum of Science and TechnologyNo.494 Longchang Road28306104
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Hospitals in Tianjin
Tianjin No.1 Central Hospital162 Mu'nan Street, Heping23317703
Tianjin No 2 Hospital354 Beima Road, Hongqiao 27351906
Tianjin Dagang Women & Children's Healthcare Center66 Shiji Street, Dagang 63210873
Tianjin Hexi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine6 Huangpu South Road28353344
Tianjin Institute of TCMP Hospital79 Duolun Avenue, Heping District27305090
Tianjin Police HospitalNanjing Road 23391367
Wangqingtuo Hospital of Wuqing CountyWangqingtuo Town, Wuqing 29518037
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