Japan or “Nippon” is referred to as the “rising sun,” the flag (Hinomaru) represents this with the huge red dot in the center. The Japanese deity "Amaterasu Omikami" is a sun goddess.
Life expectancy in Japan is one of the highest in the world. On an average the Japanese lives 4 years longer than the American does.


  1. When entering another’s house you always take off your shoes.
  2. When invited to a Japanese home, friend /official homestay, it is customary to bring a gift, or omiyage. Gift-giving is important role in Japanese culture, so have something on hand in case you receive an unexpected gift and want to reciprocate. It's also customary to bring back souvenirs for friends and colleagues when you go out of town.
  3. Bowing is firmly embedded in Japanese culture. The Japanese bow when they meet and part from one another (like a handshake), to express gratitude, to show deference to superiors, and in many other social situations. The type of bow depends on the relationship and social or professional ranking of the people involved.
  4. Before eating or drinking, it is customary to say "Itadakimasu." This means "good eating to you,
  5. Try to eat everything that your friends give you.
  6. Taking a bath: Japanese soap outside the tub and rinse it off. Only then do they submerge themselves into the hot water to refresh and relax.
  7. While eating in Japan never put in your chopstick upright into the bowl. In the past this was the way to offer food to the dead.
  8. Slurping while eating is expected when eating in Japan. If you do not, it is considered that you do not like the food and the host may feel offended.
  9. The Japanese are extremely courteous people. If you require something, they will go out of their way and try to help you.

Interesting Facts:

  1. Japan is extremely earthquake prone, on average there are 1500 earthquakes every year.
  2. Vandalism and crime  rates in Japan are among the least in the world
  3. A vending machine is installed at practically every corner in Japanese cities.
  4. Fruits are forbiddingly expensive in Japan. You could end up paying up to $2 for a single apple or peach.
  5. Japanese drive on the left, and have their steering wheels on the right, exactly opposite of what it is in America.