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Posted by Happy ( on August 28, 2002 at 00:05:31:

In Reply to: Re: Shark Murdering posted by Not Happy on August 26, 2002 at 07:03:12:

: : : Hi,
: : : Is anyone concerned that the eating of shark fin soup is just a selfish and cruel act with no respect for the impact it will have on the marine environment in coming years??

: : So-called shark fins are the fins of big fish.
: : Chinese have a tendency to exagerate and make
: : the dish sound more expensive. I don't believe
: : that people actually hunt sharks for their fins.
: : Some of the fins are so small that they may have
: : come from a fish of a foot long. Granted, some
: : of the big fins may come from big fish like sharks.

: :
: : BTW, are you a vegetarian? Do you eat chicken
: : or beef. Do you think killing chicken and oxes
: : for their meat is cruel?

: : Happy

: Not a bad point on the chicken issue, but chickens are domesticated animals and are not an endangered species.

: The fact is that 100 million sharks are killed each the majority of which goes for Shark Fin Soap. Killing this amount of sharks will do a lot of damage to the eco system and will have negative affects on all marine life. Because it is well known that top predators are crucial to a balanced eco-system.
: Maybe you want to look at the below website for more info;

Too bad I can't substantiate their claim of
millions of sharks being killed reach year.
Are there more sharks than human? If so, why
are sharks considered endangered spicies? Something is fishy here. :)

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