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Posted by hui (the chinese guy) ( on October 25, 2002 at 17:51:30:

In Reply to: Empress Ci Xi posted by mandy on February 04, 2002 at 22:16:07:

: hi! I'm doing a report on Empress Ci Xi adn I need all the info you have on her. I'll take anything and everyhting you have on her. Please help me!! thanks!!heres some more:
Ci Xi is one of the queens of the emperor of XianFeng in Qing Dynasty. And she was the mother of the emperor of TongZhi, who is the only son of the emperor of XianFeng, so Ci Xi became "Queen Mother". Another Queen of the emperor XianFeng, Ci An, cooperated with her to get the political power. But when the emperor of TongZhi died when he was in age of 19 even without a son, Ci Xi got Guang Xu as the new emperor and fully controlled the political power. Ci Xi controlled the political power for almost half a century.
During Ci Xi was governing China, there occoured many grief historial fats. Ci Xi had misappropriate the fees for the navy to construct Summer Palace and repair the Yuanmingyuan Gardens for herself. That caused the navy failed to resist the invade from other countries. And the two projects had to be stopped since the money is not enough.Ci Xi has rejected the emperor of Guang Xu, because he had innovate the political system trend to capitalism, which will be harmful to her benefit. So she has launch coup to reject the emperor of Guang Xu. Guang Xu lost his power, until he was died the day before the death of Ci Xi in 1908AD.Almost all of Ci Xi have done are harmful for the whole country. So Mr. Sun Zhongshan lead a revolution called "Xinhai Revolution" against the feudalism dynasty. And he has successfully overturned the goverment of Qing in 1911AD.

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