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Posted by hi ( on January 03, 2003 at 10:56:33:

In Reply to: Yat Gaw Mein posted by Cas on September 22, 2002 at 18:33:53:

I have a chinese friend who has a recipe for what he calls yakka mein. Here it is...

start with making a beef broth. use soy sauce, msg, and salt until it taste good to you.

you can use different types of noodles. there's rice noodles, fried noodles, or wheat based noodles.

to top it off. boil and de-shell a couple of eggs and slice them thin. also add slices of roast pork (can buy some at any chinese restaurant).

Hope this helps....

: Hi, Can someone PLEASE tell me the Ingredients and instructions for making a dish called "Yat Gaw Mein" ? I grew up on the dish and I love it very much. I just can't seem to find it anymore since I moved to Ca. I would like to know how to make it myself.ANY help at all would be greatly Appreciated. Than You very much.

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