Re: Is the US preparing an invasion of Somalia?

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Posted by Major Isaac Pike ( on June 07, 2003 at 15:23:05:

In Reply to: Re: Is the US preparing an invasion of Somalia? posted by David Murrell on February 06, 2002 at 08:42:49:

I am not a racist. But I have a strong need to get this off my fucking chest. I come from Lewiston, Maine, USA. It is a struggling welfare town with unpromising millshops. Ten years ago my hometown of 55,000 was bombarded by Dominicans under the same circumstances as what has just happened to my hometown with the Somalians right now today. The Dominicans brought to my town heavy street drugs, disease, crime, and violence. And sad to say, the Somalians have just repeated where the Dominicans left off. The worst thing to happen to this little town I was born in was it had Marijauna problems, and it had alcoholics. I went to the food bank the other day for help with some food. They said they could no longer help me because the food was only for the wave of somalians that where expected to flood into m little home town. I have two twin boys I am tyin to raise alone without a mother. Also I have been hit by three somalians outside Speakers Variety right across from our little police station, and the police won't do anything, because the mayor doesn't want to see bad public relations in the press. Also my neighbors daughter was beat up gig home from school by to somalian male kids who just started school there, and three somalian girls. My neigbors daugter has since left school not to return, out of fear. Thereore she has been robbed of her freedom of safety as ts grea country promises, and her education, because five somali kids scared her to death. I don't have to go no further. This is just to give fair warning. Me an my white friends are starting to see ju what is going on. We are standing against you motherfuckers. Watch the Fuck out. ;We, still have any questions... We, Yusuf Ahmed Al
: Jazeeri, Abdikarim Hassan Moallin, Mohamed Moallin,
: Bihi Aden fr. Sweden, Abdirisak Aden, Abdi Abdulaziz
: Ali, Yusuf Ahmed Ali, Basbas Aden fr. Gaevle-city,
: Hassan Nur, Nyamko Sabuni cc.,
: Mohamed Abdirisak -borned in Somalia; place:
: pre-doctoral education: University of Karlsruhe,
: Germany. doctoral institution: University of
: Karlsruhe, Omer Aden, Robert Aden,
: Maryan Moallin from U.S.A.,
: Hassan Moallin - social psycholog in Britannia, Farah
: Moallin staff /BBC, Guled Moallin from Canada
:, Ali Ghaleb Himmat (exile in
: Sudan), Abdi Abdillahi Moallin staff at Amoud
: University-Somalia, Hawa M. Moallin at Andrews
: University-Miami U.S.A., Ali Nur
: Moallin fr. København, Abdirahman Ismail Hagi Moallin
: fr. København... etc. Yes, we insist by the side of
: proletarians and we as seriouas politicians,
: scientists, journalists etc. declare that we are for
: an anti-Imperialist World and we got the best
: supoports of our friends by the solidarity committées,
: proletariats, freedom fighters etc. At the least we
: explain that have any questions, which published on
: the pages of
: If you didn't read it we explain our questions here
: and you see what we insist for you / by your heart /
: for your honor: Yes, we are asking:

: FRONTS on this CASE?
: **

: JEWISH LOBBIES are so open-willing to HELP to the any
: selected IMMIGRANTS; Somalians -nowadays...but WHY?!
: The revolutionary groups in Belgique when they
: describe this case (Somalians' in exile) as a serious
: warning...
: We agree with E.U.-revolutionaries who opposite
: oligarchie in Bruxelles... That is right; Somalian
: representative Abdirisak Aden case is a WARNING for
: all other oppressed communities, classes too; of
: course, like a comrade add a question on the Chaldeans
: / Assyrians Forum: "WHY the IMMIGRANT WOMEN so deeply
: IN SILENCE, even they BEEN EXPLOATED for example thus
: SOMALIAN /ETHIOPIAN case?" Liberation is not only
: question of men; liberation is the mainly question for
: women, too. Immigrant women must struggle against
: imperialism by the side of the men...So we, all
: together, like a one heart must be on alert against
: the Zionist Fascist Lobbies ... Any Work Unions
: recommended same suggestions here and many immigrant
: volunteers already discuss on this subject for
: example:


: Written by U. Nilsson / December 2001
: WHY the JEWISH LOBBIES so open-willing to HELP to the
: (any) SOMALIANS (-specially- who were the adopted
: children of formerly ACP-Marxists...) who are "celever
: on financial plays" and corrupt the politicians in EU?
: I wonder why many institutions are under Zionist
: conspiracy and why E.U. didn't prevent it etc. when I
: read an article on the World Socialists' pages like:
: "Is the US preparing an invasion of Somalia?
: By Chris Talbot
: 6 December 2001
: A series of recent press reports seek to portray the
: impoverished African country of Somalia as a centre of
: "terrorist activity" and to recommend it as the
: next target in the US "war against terrorism". Al
: Barakaat, the main financial organisation that Somalis
: living abroad use to transfer funds into the country,
: along with the Somalia Internet Company were closed
: down last month by the Bush administration. It was
: alleged that both were conduits for Al Qaeda funds. In
: a country divided by warring factions for over a
: decade, suffering from hyperinflation and drought,
: with a ban on its main export of livestock to the
: Middle East because of Rift Valley Fever, closing down
: Al Barakaat was a barbaric act. UN officials have
: pointed out that most Somalis are now dependent on
: income from relatives abroad—between $200 to $500
: million a year was transferred to Somalia through Al
: Barakaat, compared to only $60 million in
: international aid to the country. The resulting
: economic strangulation threatens to turn what was
: already a humanitarian disaster into mass starvation.
: There are repeated suggestions that action against
: Somalia should be escalated into surgical strikes
: (euphemistically termed "stiletto attacks") or even
: outright military invasion—if not by Western troops
: then by neighbouring Ethiopia with US backing. In the
: Wall Street Journal of November 29, an article
: "Post-Afghan Phase of War Takes Shape in the Wings"
: cites US officials saying, "Somalia may be the easiest
: place to take direct US military action". Like
: Afghanistan it "barely has a national government, and
: it has few friends to protest a US intervention." As
: Somalia lies on the Indian Ocean,the Journal adds, it
: "would make moving in US troops and equipment off
: nearby ships a lot easier" than in Afghanistan.
: According to a Reuters report of the same day, US,
: British and German warships are already patrolling the
: Somali coast, allegedly to stop Al Qaeda fighters
: fleeing from Afghanistan. An article in Britain"s
: Sunday Telegraph December 2 states, "A team of senior
: British military officers who visited US Central
: Command in Tampa, Florida last week was asked to
: prepare the strategy for attacks on sites in Somalia.
: They have returned to London to discuss the plan with
: Ministry of Defence ministers and officials." The
: justification for a military assault on Somalia made
: in the Wall Street Journal, and repeated throughout
: the media, is that a Somali Islamic fundamentalist
: terror organisation called Al Itihaad Al Islamiya has
: links with Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. A November 4
: article in the Washington Post was one of the first to
: make this claim, stating that intelligence analysts
: from the State Department, Pentagon, CIA and National
: Security Council were discussing "where and how" Al
: Qaeda operates in Somalia. It is claimed (presumably
: based on information from the intelligence analysts,
: though stated as fact by the Post) that:
: * Al Itihaad is the local "affiliate" or "ally" of Al
: Qaeda * Bin Laden sent several top lieutenants to
: provide assistance to the "warlord" Mohammed Aideed in
: 1993, and that Aideed"s forces killed 18 US Army
: troops serving in a United Nations military force
: * Al Qaeda members continued to use Somalia
: as a regional base, including preparations for the
: 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania
: * Officials from neighbouring Ethiopia state
: that Al Itihaad, backed by Al Qaeda, is attempting to
: take over the semi-autonomous region in the north of
: Somalia called Puntland Various additions have been
: made since. For example, in the British Sunday Times
: of November 25 it was stated that Al Itihaad was
: linked to Muhammad Atef, bin Laden"s security chief
: who was killed in the US bombing of Afghanistan. Al
: Itihaad is referred to as an "aggressive local
: affiliate" of Al Qaeda and Somalia is said to harbour
: Al Qaeda operatives. Most recently the Sunday
: Telegraph gives a new twist: "It emerged that Saddam
: Hussein is funding a number of terrorist training
: camps in Somalia used by a militant Islamic group with
: close ties to Al Qaeda. According to Iraqi dissident
: groups based in London, Saddam has agreed to provide
: funding, training and equipment to the Somali group Al
: Itihaad Al Islamiya in return for assistance from the
: Somali authorities in avoiding United Nations
: sanctions." The Telegraph quotes a US official saying,
: "This is a significant development for Saddam. He
: thinks by forming alliances like this he can get rid
: of US forces from the region." They also claim that Al
: Qaeda has several training camps in southern Somalia.
: For over a month a systematic campaign of lies and
: black propaganda against Somalia has been developed by
: the US intelligence services. In attempting to brand
: the country as a centre for Al Qaeda terrorism, they
: have been supported throughout by a compliant media.
: To refute the charges listed above, one must first of
: all be aware of the virtual absence of knowledge
: concerning Somalia among US intelligence officials.
: The November 4 Post article points out that the US
: embassy was closed in 1991 and, "Somalia today is
: something of a mystery to US policymakers and
: anti-terrorist experts." In the Telegraph it is
: reported that British intelligence has been asked to
: look into Islamic groups in Somalia: "We discovered
: some pretty big intelligence gaps." No proof has been
: given that Al Qaeda was financed by or channelled
: funds through Al-Barakaat. Barakaat telecommunications
: manager Abdullah Kahiye invited US officials to look
: through the company"s books, but the invitation was
: rejected. (The organisation is not even based in
: Somalia, which it considers unsafe, but in Dubai). He
: told the IRIN news service: "For simple justice, I say
: to the Americans, please come and investigate. Don"t
: depend on lies and rumours put about by envious
: competitors or others with a hidden agenda. We have
: nothing to hide". The response by the US Treasury was
: to insist that there is "very, very strong evidence",
: but this could not be revealed because it is based on
: classified information. What completely exposes the
: campaign against Somalia is the material put forward
: by US academic Ken Menkhaus, professor at Davidson
: College, North Carolina. Menkhaus, a specialist on
: Somalia and Islamic movements, was an advisor to the
: UN and is now a consultant to both the UN and the US
: government. On November 27 he gave a presentation to
: the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in
: which he makes it very clear that the claims of Al
: Qaeda links in Somalia have no substance. According to
: Menkhaus, "With specific regard to Al Qaeda, Somalia
: would be "relatively inhospitable terrain" for bin
: Laden"s organisation. Alliances in the country are
: incredibly fluid, and the difficulty of keeping
: secrets in the country would make it difficult for Al
: Qaeda to operate clandestinely." With its lack of
: government and extensive coastline, Menkhaus says that
: Somalia could be used as a "transhipment point" for
: terrorists, but provides no evidence of Al Qaeda
: operations. He accepts that Al Itihaad "has been the
: primary most radical Islamist group in the country for
: over a decade." It arose in the 1980s, made up of
: groups of young men "particularly disenchanted with
: the corrupt repressive government of Mohammed Siad
: Barre." (Siad Barre was supported by the US from the
: mid 1970s as a counterweight to the Soviet-backed
: regime in Ethiopia, and the US only stopped supporting
: him following the disintegration of the Soviet Union.)
: Neither does the picture of Al Itihaad being an active
: terrorist organisation have any justification.
: Menkhaus points to the fact that although Al Itihaad
: controlled a number of regions in the early 1990s and
: controlled one town, Luuq near the Kenyan border,
: until it was driven out by Ethiopian troops in 1996,
: "Al Itihaad failed in its earlier attempts to exert
: control over territory in Somalia." After its defeat,
: "Al Itihaad leaders concluded that Somalia was not yet
: ready for Islamic rule." Al Itihaad failed, explains
: Menkhaus, because it tried to work independently of
: the clan system that dominates Somalian society, and
: because it received some support from Sudan it was
: seen by many Somalis as a foreign puppet. It now
: exists as a very disparate organisation, attempting to
: promote fundamentalist Islam, trying to infiltrate
: such government organisations as exist and trying to
: influence businessmen. Its main goals, unlike Al
: Qaeda, "are domestic and not international." In so far
: as the media claims regarding Al Qaeda, Al Ittihaad
: and terrorism in Somalia are not fabrications of the
: US intelligence agencies, Menkhaus explains their
: likely source: "US policy makers should avoid an
: over-reliance on information from the Ethiopian
: government, since it has a vested interest in
: exaggerating Al Itihaad activities in order to receive
: assistance in combating the group." Also within
: Somalia: "Excessive reliance on local groups willing
: to fight Al Itihaad must be avoided, because most of
: these groups are probably more interested in
: continuously receiving US resources than actually
: eliminating terrorist threats." The same motivation to
: gain US funding certainly applies to the Iraqi
: opposition groups. Moreover the allegation that Saddam
: Hussein is funding terrorist groups connected to Al
: Qaeda in Somalia, neatly dovetails with calls for
: military intervention in Iraq that could bring the
: opposition to power as a US proxy government. The
: nationalist ambitions of the Ethiopian regime in
: relation to Somalia are hardly a secret. Using their
: false claim that Al Itihaad has taken over Puntland as
: a justification, the Ethiopian army has now moved into
: the region, according to the Wall Street Journal. The
: November 28 article reports that while not officially
: sanctioning the invasion, a US official stated that it
: "didn"t raise any alarms" and was "broadly in line
: with US objectives." Finally, the claim that Osama bin
: Laden sent his top lieutenants to support Mohammed
: Aideed in 1993 is pure fabrication. The US military"s
: interest in Somalia is because of its strategic
: position. With a large proportion of Europe"s oil
: supply passing along the coast of the Horn of Africa
: and its closeness to the Middle East, Somalia is of
: key geopolitical importance. In 1993 the US attempted
: to gain support for its intervention in the guise of a
: humanitarian peacekeeping role; now it is using the
: threat of terrorism. When over 20,000 US troops were
: sent to Somalia in 1993, after first negotiating a
: deal with two of the local warlords —Aideed and Ali
: Mahdi— growing popular resistance to the intervention
: was "explained" by building up Aideed as the
: personification of evil. Aideed had to be dealt with
: at all costs, even if that meant shooting down
: hundreds of innocent civilians in Mogadishu with
: helicopter gunfire. The result was not just that
: Aideed opposed the US intervention, but the Somali
: population as a whole fought back, temporarily uniting
: even the warring clan factions, and resulting in an
: ignominious humiliation in which 18 US soldiers were
: killed. It is a convenient fiction in the "war against
: terrorism" to put the forced withdrawal of US troops
: from Somalia down to Osama bin Laden as well as
: Mohammed Aideed. Ironically, whilst there is no record
: of Aideed receiving backing from the Islamic
: fundamentalists in Sudan—where bin Laden was residing
: at the time— there is apparently a connection with
: Afghanistan. Somalis trained by mujahideen fighters
: who had returned from Afghanistan, where US
: intelligence forces had shown then how to use
: rocket-propelled grenades to hit Soviet aircraft,
: brought down the US Black Hawk helicopters in
: Mogadishu."
: ACP-Somalian Marxists in exile replied us with a short
: comment; "If European Unian really could pay attention
: to the democratical institutions so E.U. should say
: stop the U.S.&Zion Imperialism... But E.U. has two
: face, unfortunatelyy... It is a tradition by the
: European oligarchical power, to talk oin rights but in
: same time collaborate with the anti-democratical
: profits..."
: **
: This page referred by African Communist Party
: -Somalian Revolutionary Marxists in exile
: /Rinkeby-SWEDEN representatives: Yusuf Salah Moallin
: (nickname: Comrade Josef STALIN), financial
: responsilities-advisör Abdirisak Aden and Ahmed Ali
: Yusuf ... "and we, all the members in exile, join
: on this case!", gen. secr. comments.
: Central Bureau / (home, too) immigrant African
: politicians in exile: J. Salah Moallin , Bergeng. 7 ,
: 164 37 (Kista) SPÅNGA-SWEDEN Tel.00.46.8632 05 01
: secr. Leyla Nur Moallin , Risingeplan 18163 68
: (Tensta) SPÅNGA, Tel.00.46.8761 64 23 I agree with my
: relatives : Fatima Nur , Svärdsliljev. 57165 77
: HÄSSELBY -SWEDEN, Tel. 00.46.838 77 94 I am member in
: the opposite-group by the Swedish Conservative Party
: (but none could prevent me to protest US&Zion Fascism)
: Account us, too: Bijan Fahimi, Alma Fahimi ,
: Henriksdalsringen 109, 131 32 NACKA -STOCKHOLM ,
: Tel.00.46.8615 29 22 ...and me, too:Nyamko Sabuni
: (borned 1969 in Kongo-Kinshasa) , c/o Fp.
: Luntmakargatan 66, P. O. Box 65 08 , 113 83 STOCKHOLM
: , Fax: 00.46.8673 25 91
: **

: "Should Al-Qaida built close ties with Antifa
: Solidarity movements etc.? -Maybe! Why not?!",
: Somalian / Ethiopian immigrants comment and continue,
: "we are welcoming all comrades who struggle against
: the ZioniFascist Imperialism" and transferred a page
: from the Anti-Fascist & Anti-Zionist Radio FM A:
: RAMI"s Guestbook:
: Leyla Nur Moallin's mail (you can read her original
: letter on the Forum pages of Comrade A. RAMI) : From:
: Rinkeby-Sweden / Somalian Immigrant Leyla Nur Moallin
: (housewife of "Josef STALIN" Salah Moallin who is the
: repersentative of the African Communist Party Somalian
: Revolutionaty Marxists - in exile)
: To: Radio Antifa A. Rami FM Scandinavia Dear Rami!
: Al-Barakaat"s (and al-Taqua, too) MISTAKE IS NOT to be
: by the side of al-Qaeda. Nobody has evidence (more),
: you know! But our friends (chief idiot Abdirisak Aden,
: Yusuf Ahmed Ali, Abdi Abdulaziz Ali, hidden teller (my
: unofficially husband J. "STALIN") ---my close friend
: from Kinshasa-Kongo--- Nyamko Sabuni and Iranian
: stupid (although he asserts he is Iranian Jew but only
: his wife Alma is really ScandinavianJew and she
: couldn"t mobilize the Jewish lobbies...) bank manager
: -!!!- at Merita Nordbanken Mr. Bijan Fahimi and their
: lobbies hadn"t enough patience to listen to me, "cause
: any members (specially my silly relative Fatima Nur in
: Hässelby) was in open depression on all the negative
: news and therefore they thought -maybe--- it would be
: sympatical attitude to go to the Zionist Foundations
: and ask for a Jew-lawyer... Jewish influence is great
: but I think different... OK! Zionist mission referred
: this dirty case to their master-liar Leif Silbersky...
: YES, THIS IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE; 'cause now a lot of
: friends are suspicious on all the Somalian /Solidarity
: organizations... P.S. Please inform them; they MUST NO
: USE our Tel. ---specially---: 00 46 8 761 64 23, 00 46
: 8 632 05 01 (these first two nr. belong us, Moallins,
: yes; social-office forced us to imitate like divorced,
: anyway we could no opportiunies from social insurance
: buraeu know; it's because, the typical
: Scandinavian mousetrap system), 00 46 8 36 61 27, 00
: 46 8 760 47 54, 00 46 8 795 85 82, 00 46 8 36 93 41,
: 00 46 8 615 29 22 , 00 46 8 26 03 39 But mobile phone
: is OK like Bijan Fahimi's 070-716 74 53 or 00 46 8 450
: 26 81 or 00 46 8 615 29 22 OK, too and e-post which
: secure by Nordbanken / Nordea (administration has
: traditionally ties with any Jewish authorities) and
: therefore this e--post connection is most secure;
: eveyone knows in Scandinavia that securitas is a
: section of Nordbanken /Nordea... Not only in
: Scandinavia, actually we, in whole Europe, as Somalian
: communists in exile must struggle against the US&Zion
: Imperialism! But my husband suggest that on this case
: we must mobilize / exploate our Swedish lobbies, like
: a smart maneuver...

: Here is the lists of the henchmen of dirty
: imperialism: J. S. Moallin says : "Pay attention
: please, there is no one terrorist Jew in the world,
: when the whole world belongs to U.S. -Imperialism!"
: And Abdirisak Aden shows a copy from "a homepage of
: the falsification center; "Look at, please; I am in
: the list; Abdirisak ADEN, Skaftingebacken 8, Spånga
: 163 67, Sweden; DOB 01 June 1968 ; well documented,
: here:
: As Comrade Josef "STALIN" Moallin says: "Do you show
: me any Jew terrorist on this list? No?!. They are the
: angels; Uncle Sam's bastards!!! There is no one Jew
: terrorist in the Terrorit-List of Imperialism.
: Although these mad-criminals drive The Palestinian
: Genocide ; they were always been accounted like the
: angels by Big Mafia Sam... " Moallin has right; it is
: a shameful reality... In the beginning SwedoJewish
: Newspapers for example DN /SvD / Menorah SydSvD
: /Expressen labelled The African Communist
: Party-volunteers as "most Wanted /anti-Imperialist
: Terrorists" according to U.S.A. formated lists...
: It was no difference between the Jewish voice of
: U.S.A., which publiched announcem,ents like news:

: Lobby member Leif Sillbersky faxed any corrections to
: the close U.S.-news agencies, like; "Swedish Somalians
: transferred Jewish money, too. There are many evidence
: at my office... Baltic (Jewish) communities had no
: secure bank system since many years and they will
: protect us at court..." Yes, they did it (specially)
: when many Somalians sent gifts (money) to the Jewish
: Foundations and many selected Jews... After any
: contacts by foundations, the Jewish lobbies mobilized
: to create the "green light" and Somalian Relief
: org.'s-chief succeed to buy the falsificators by
: "Nordic Collaborative Propagand Instruments". Jewish
: paper Finanstidningen employeed one African for one
: month as a demonstrative attitude, who showed that he
: is ready to use now his experiences for Jewish
: capital... Lobby succeed to share the immigrants in
: two parts... All the Jewish papers began to mobilize
: its "best-experienced-agitators" and protect the
: master-liar Silbersy, for example:
: And other one Jewish paper, corrupted Sydsvenska
: (Menorah) Dagbladet-staff began to support the theatre
: of contemporary lies:
: Simon Wiesenthal Centre (in U.S.A.) succeed to publish
: the corrections (announcements) as news which Jackie
: Jacubowski, Cordelia Edwardson, Marie-Hélène Boccara
: and Per Ahlmark and any other members sent:

: Necessary info is available by: Sven Hansson, Johanna
: Strandh, Afshin Enssi,,
:,, and Merita
: Nordbanken / Nordea; they know better; call and ask
: why these two firms started the procedures for
: changing the original names: Barakaat International
: Foundation and Somali Network AB which been forced to
: use the new kamuouflaged names by Skandia Int. Stock
: Exchange filiales... Master-liar Leif Silbersky find
: this idea very easy because all these roles are the
: typical-traditionally Jewish tactical methodes...
: "Dirty Money-Mania" SSwedoJEWISH LOBBIES? ... or the
: Which case is the right?
: WHO EXPLOATED WHOM in these dirty Cold War territories
: worldwide ---specially--- after The 11 September
: Siege?

: **

: **
: Replied by the SACP (South African ´Communist Party)
: SACP Discussion Forum
: From: D. van Wyk /SACP
: The arrogance of the USA knows no bounds at the
: moment. Ofcourse the targets for the US global
: aggression and terrorism are small insignificant
: countries already wracked by war. The purpose of this
: US militarist imperialism is clearly to draw attention
: away from domestic economic problems and the hope of
: reviving the military industrial complex and
: destroying massive global overproduction through the
: wasteful activity of war.
: **
: From: Pacepa /SACP
: Articles to damn long. i didn't and won't read this
: thing. You could have left the link and we could have
: read it from there. the only thing you did was waste
: my time as well as yours.
: Will the U.S. invade Somalia?
: Yeah, basically!.. There is your answer: YES!

: **
: To: Pacepa /SACP
: From: Kamau /SACP

: If you are interested in constructive dialogue
: ("discussion" as in discussion forum) you will read
: the entire aticle. The article is of historical and
: factual perspective. I always thought that your
: approach to this forum was an attempt to create an
: extremist perspective so that you can draw down the
: contemporary marxist perspective. What you have done
: with your latest reply is your refusal to listen to
: latent marxist positions and to acknoledge that there
: exist individuals who can expound upon the marxist
: view of the world.
: My reminder to you is the historical effect of the
: desturction of the African civilization. My intrinsic
: question is 'What would the world have been today had
: Africa not been subjected to all the invasions and
: rape that has marred her being'. Please do not be
: naive and continue to seek to dismiss the past
: experience of humanity when the very past has
: determined the present. PACEPA, you are human as
: anyone else. I ask of you to examine your past just
: for a while. I know much of mine. I am of African
: descent living in a country that had a history of
: slavery. A former colonial society. My great great
: great great grand father fought for the British during
: the American war of independence. My great great great
: grand mother worked as a 'house slave and bought her
: and her husband's freedom. I know of the amieoloration
: period and the period of abolition of slavery. That
: was a stage of my history. But history is not
: constant. Human society changes. The African
: experience goes longer that my 'out of slavery
: experience. That is where the Somalia, Ethiopia,
: Nigerian, Egyptian etc. experience has value to the
: African experience. South Africa's experience was much
: more recent that the Somalian situation. So, when
: someone attempts to inform you of their situation, for
: the purpose of discussion you should listen and try,
: at least try to make a meaningful contribution to
: their purpose.
: **
: From: D. van Wyk /SACP
: Dear Kamau I have long given up on PACEPA. It is
: impossible to have an intelligent dabate with him. His
: reactions are all knee jerk/stock in trade and almost
: scripted. Even before one responds it is almost
: possible to predict what he will say afterwards.
: I have realised that there is a very strong
: a-historical and even anti-history sentiment in the
: West. They do not want to be reminded of the past,
: even the recent past because they do not want to
: assume responsibility for it. It is much the same
: reaction you will get from a rapist who on questioning
: will say one of the following three things: a) She
: said no but she did not mean it, or b)I don't know
: her, it wasn't me, I did nbot do it; or c)She asked
: for it, look at the way she dressd/flaunted herself.
: The distorted logic behind the rapist's response and
: that of the imperialist/colonialist is that of turning
: the victim into the guilty party. Thus Africa has only
: herself to blame for her current predicament,
: regardless of history!
: This denial of history was given a major boost by
: Ronald Reagan's endorsement of Francis Fukoyam's book
: the "End of History", and the strategic intend to
: "roll-back history". It is necessary for us to
: carefully draw out the implications of both the "End
: of History" thesis and the project to "roll back
: history" as these are central to the new imperialism
: we have been witnessing over the last three decades.
: The intention of Paceba and others, is as you have
: said in one of your first posts, to stifle any real
: progressive debate around issues of Marxism and its
: application to the current realities.
: The role of the village idiot in African society is
: similarly destructive of sensible debate and
: reasoning... that is the role that Paceba has chosen
: for himself. So why waste time on anything he has to
: say?
: **

: From: Nate /SACP

: People like short statements and short replies. A long
: article cuts into our Nintendo64 & beer drinking time.
: And can someone tell me what geraldo rivera is smokin?
: Digging around caves at tora bora? gee whiz.
: **
: From: D. van Wyk /SACP
: You see Nate, I am sure that neither the SACP nor any
: committed Marxists care about you Nintendo or beer
: drinking time! You are not the site administrator, nor
: are you making any meaningful contribution to
: discusstion. By the way some believe that Bin Laden
: got his towering ideas from a Nintendo Game. I also
: read somewhere that there is a great resemblance
: between many of the school-yard shootings in the USA
: and arcade games. You condition kids and adults to be
: violent, and soon they will take it into uncontrolled
: situations outside thei arcade or pc screens! Happy
: commodification of violence, lovely consumer society!
: **
: From: Pacepa /SACP
: You are not the site administrator either, van Wyk. As
: a matter of fact,you are not a real Communist. Merely
: a bourgeoise with bourgeoise tastes and
: tendencies,afraid to revolutionise your thinking;you
: still cling to your old comfortable lifestyle. You
: complain constantly of a comsumerist society yet you
: do nothing to change it,even in your own country.
: Because of the high rate of crime in your country,you
: are afraid to work among the peasants,who complain in
: the Guest book that your Party is not accessible.
: There are complaints that applications are not being
: processed by your Party. I've raised the matter with
: Kamau and now I am raising the matter with you. Well,
: what are you going to do about it,Mr.Bourgeoise van
: Wyk? Are you going to continue to ignore the peasants
: in the rural areas? That is not fair to them. It is
: not enough to make speeches before Trade Unions. You
: cannot simply rest on your laurels. As of now you
: have no credibilty.
: **
: From: Pavel /SACP

: Nate, it looks as if Geraldo is seriously smoked up.
: When he does his stand-ups it looks as if he is about
: to fall over and he is constantly blinking. What about
: this sniper stuff,if there were real snipers out there
: he would be finshed by now. These T.V. dopes forget
: that real snipers are trained in estimation of
: distance ect. With an AK rifle(the rifles that are
: currently used by the Northern Alliance are,in
: fact,74's or 90's not 47's) the AK74 round has a
: tendency to tumble through the air making it unstable
: and inaccurate.
: Snipers have to be accurate in order to escape
: detection. Once they shoot, they have to relocate
: their position and out there that is impossible on
: that terrain during the daytime unless they are in the
: rocks. Geraldo said the snipers were out about 200
: meters. 200 metres with an AK is not serious shooting.
: They would be lucky to hit anything. A trained sniper
: with a Dragunov sniper rifle, 80's vintage and Geraldo
: would already be gone. AK at 200 metres would be a
: lucky hit.Chances are he faked the shot with one of
: his Alliance escorts. Notice how he keeps furtively
: looking from right to left in his stand-up.
: Once again,it is all about Geraldo. The reason that
: Christianne Amanpour is out there is because Fox is
: kicking CNN's ass in ratings. So you bring out the
: sacred cows to sway the masses.
: AK rifles were designed for assault style shooting at
: very close range. Soviet and East Bloc forces were not
: taught to aim their weapons,but to shoot largely from
: the hip en mass as they were following tanks over open
: plain,as in Europe. To put it simply,you can try and
: sight an AK to shoot accurately at 200 metres but good
: luck at hitting your target. You would not be able to
: group shots in a bullseye on a target. Best bet is to
: aim at a man-size target and select semi-auto and hope
: you hit your target,as was probably the case with
: Geraldo.
: But with him, you never know.
: **
: From: D. van Wyk /SACP
: The increased US imperialist activities since the
: comming to office of the champion of the US military
: industrial complex in the US has also led to an
: increased awareness of the aggressive intentions of
: the US towards the Third World, towards working class
: organisations, against human rights fought for over a
: period of more than a 100 years. Comrades should note
: the following campaigns: 1. "Shut down the School of
: the Americas". This is the USA training centre for
: tinpot presidents and banana republic generals, check
: out the campaign details at :
: 2. For anyone interested in opposing US military
: aggression check out
: 3. For those interested in Osama bin Lasden's Bush
: Family Business Connections, check out
: perhaps one should consider a campaign to have the
: Bush family arrested on terrorism and conspiracy
: charges for supporting terrorism. Makes one wonder how
: the massive military operation in Afghanistan to
: capture Bin Laden "dead or alive" failed sao
: miserably? Perhaps it is because a trail (if it is to
: be an open and fair affrair would reveal too much
: about Bush and the CIA?)
: For Bin Landen's connections to the CIA see Michael
: Moran, s report to MSNBC, "Bin Laden Comes Home to
: Roost." One wonders when US tax payers will wake up to
: the very unaccountable and undemocratic system that
: proclaims itself US Democracy? When US citizens will
: wake up to the global abuse that takes place in their
: name? When will Americans insist that their tax monies
: do not go towards sponsoring global misery and
: terrorism?
: Americans can waste their time with trivialities like
: Monika Lewinski and a President that thought that his
: branch of government was hanging between his legs,
: instead of concerning themselves with US involvement
: in the international drugs trade (Oliver North/drugs
: for guns). The President at the time got off scott
: free (in any other country a president would have been
: forced to resign after such massive corruption.
: If Sept 11 happened in any other country, serious
: questions would have been asked of intelligence
: services and of the government after the exposure of
: both family business ties between the president and
: the terrorists, and the historic connections between
: the intelligence services and the anti-imperialists.

: **
: Answered by J. STALIN MOALLIN /ACP-Somalian Marxists
: in the E.U.

: Thanks, Comrades!


: ACP-Somalian Marxists in Exile

: 2002

: ** Answered by Nyamko Sabuni / FM
: Radio A. Rami Forum:

: "WHY the IMMIGRANT WOMEN so deeply IN SILENCE, even
: they BEEN EXPLOATED for example thus Somalian
: /Ethiopian /Kongo-Kinshasa /Kenyan /Kurdish /Arabian
: /Cypriotics etc. cases?"

: ** Answered by Bobbapink / Free Mind
: Forum:

: My random thoughts on the matter

: "Narrativity is responsible for class divisions," says
: Bataille; however, according to Cameron[1] , it is not
: so much narrativity that is responsible for class
: divisions, but rather the failure, and eventually the
: defining characteristic, of narrativity. In The Moor's
: Last Sigh, Rushdie analyses socialism; in Satanic
: Verses, although, he deconstructs dialectic
: nationalism.

: If one examines Socialism, one is faced with a choice:
: either reject predeconstructivist desituationism or
: conclude that sexual identity has intrinsic meaning.
: It could be said that Hubbard[2] suggests that we have
: to choose between socialism and postcapitalist
: patriarchialist theory. Lyotard uses the term
: 'neocultural capitalism' to denote the paradigm, and
: subsequent economy, of capitalist society.

: "Sexual identity is part of the stasis of language,"
: says Bataille; however, according to McElwaine[3] , it
: is not so much sexual identity that is part of the
: stasis of language, but rather the genre, and some
: would say the defining characteristic, of sexual
: identity. However, the example of the
: predeconstructive paradigm of consensus intrinsic to
: Pynchon's V emerges again in Mason & Dixon, although
: in a more mythopoetical sense. Several narratives
: concerning the difference between society and sexual
: identity may be found.

: The main theme of Porter's[4] essay on socialism is
: the paradigm of textual art. It could be said that
: Lyotard uses the term 'predeconstructivist
: desituationism' to denote a self-fulfilling paradox.
: The primary theme of the works of Pynchon is the
: absurdity, and eventually the rubicon, of predialectic
: class.

: But Baudrillard suggests the use of Sartreist
: absurdity to deconstruct hierarchy. If the
: predeconstructive paradigm of consensus holds, the
: works of Pynchon are empowering.

: Thus, the characteristic theme of Scuglia's[5]
: critique of Foucaultist power relations is a
: mythopoetical whole. The subject is contextualised
: into a socialism that includes culture as a totality.

: In a sense, the main theme of the works of Pynchon is
: not dematerialism as such, but subdematerialism.
: Baudrillard uses the term 'predeconstructivist
: desituationism' to denote the bridge between society
: and reality.

: Thus, many narratives concerning socialism exist. The
: characteristic theme of Bailey's[6] model of
: predeconstructivist desituationism is the role of the
: poet as artist.

: It could be said that an abundance of
: deconstructivisms concerning the difference between
: sexual identity and consciousness may be discovered.
: The predeconstructive paradigm of consensus states
: that sexuality is capable of significance.
: ** Answered by Bubba /
: Free Mind Forum

: On the other hand.....

: "Class is part of the absurdity of reality," says
: Sartre. Debord suggests the use of modernist theory to
: deconstruct society. Therefore, the example of
: Derridean reading intrinsic to Dubliners emerges again
: in Finnegan's Wake, although in a more self-justifying
: sense. Habermas uses the term 'cultural narrative' to
: denote the difference between class and sexuality.

: It could be said that Baudrillard promotes the use of
: modernist theory to deconstruct class divisions.
: Sontag uses the term 'Derridean reading' to denote a
: textual reality.

: However, many appropriations concerning the
: predeconstructive paradigm of narrative exist. The
: subject is contextualised into a modernist theory that
: includes truth as a reality. Reicher[resarcher]
: suggests that we have to choose between neodialectic
: libertarianism and modernist theory.
: ** Answered by
: SACP Discussion Forum Columbia,
: Somalia, Palestine
: From: Clive Swan
: Comments
: Columbia The reports comrades write about life in the
: liberated areas sound quite normal. To most workers,
: peasants & poor living in South America they would be
: idealic. NO death squads, people can walk around &
: kids play in the streets. People have a say through
: popular structures. It appears Bush is pushing the
: Columbian right to end this. Well Bush needs to sell
: more arms now that Afghanistan is cooling down.
: Somalia Colonialism & racism has inhibeted the
: emergance of a black pettie/bourgeoise. Landlords
: represents a form of primitive accumulation.
: Trans-national Corporations just need to bribe a
: warlord rather than paying tax & building up social
: society & public capital.
: Palestine Sharon was responsible for massacres of
: refugees, women and children in Shabra & Shatila in
: Beruit, Lebanon. The PLO has been forced to accept a
: settlement that would make the Bantustans look
: progressive. The direct Palestine rule is less than 3%
: of occupied areas. We need to support the call for an
: indepedent Palestinian state with Jersualem as the
: capital. Troops out of Palestine now.
: Clive
: **
: SACP Discussion Forum
: Answered by John(usa)
: Comments
: BTW: I watched approximately four hours of CBS combat
: footage from the Vietnam war. Ia Drang,1965 in the
: Central highlands;Tet offensive and the Battle for
: Hue,1968;Quang Tri,1972,near the DMZ with the former
: North Vietnam.
: I can understand what battle fatigue might feel like
: with all the gunfire and dead people all over the
: place. It also gives me an appreciation of what our
: Vietnamese comrades went through. It seemed like
: combat was the great equaliser.Both sides behaved the
: same way,it seemed,when they were under hostile fire.
: One scene stands out in my mind. A truck full of
: refugees in Quang Tri drove over a mine and detonated
: it. The road was full of dead refugees,women and
: children as the camera crew walk through and surveyed
: the scene,up close. It was ghastly to say the least.
: as I watched this segment,I didn't care at this point
: about how or why the people were dead,they just were.
: It seems that war is a great storm that,as a tornado
: will,destroy everyone and everything in its path.
: Also,it did not seem too imporatant who won;it seemed
: more important that the shooting stop and to stay out
: of the way of the gunfire. Another feeling that was
: evident in myself was the expectation that you are
: either standing up and alive or lying prone and dead.
: In other words the expectation was not "your lying on
: the ground,why are you doing that?" It was "Ah,you
: must be dead." There did not seem to be any existance
: in between.
: Strange,I can see the road full of dead refugees in my
: mind,but at the same time I don't have much pity.
: There wasn't anything anyone could do except move on.
: I also have a better idea about risks on a
: battlefield. It seems that death is much more certain
: and that people die much more quickly than in a
: Hollywood war film. the idea of volunteering for a
: dangerous assignment doesn't appear to be all that
: appealing. The film"Saving Private Ryan" seems rather
: childish in a way as compared to the real thing.
: Just think; we might have to go through real combat
: one day during the revolutionary phase in the
: construction of Socialism. Are we ready?
: **
: ACP-Representative comments::
: Olirgarchical Sistem blocked the money of poor
: immigrants and specialkly the Leftist Somalians and
: same sistem share oiur bread to the traitorous
: collaborators like Nedim Dagdeviren and other Neo-Zion
: Group. Nordea Bank-Experts explain it many times for
: example:
: What means "Projektledare Nedim Dagdeviren"?

: But there are honorable Kurds, too! Special thanks to
: PKK for revolutionary support by daily newspapers,
: which publising in Germany:
: (original text by Abdirisak Aden / Josef S. Moallin):
: The victims of Imperialist war would like to thank to
: PKK for revolutionary support for example by the Ö.
: Politika daily newspapers, which publising in Germany
: (PKK and other revolutionary Marxist parties didn't
: leave the Somalian Marxists alone against the Military
: subventions of Zionism):

: For further information, please visit these sources,
: links, related sites and discussion forums, there
: many authorities discuss on above subjects so-caled
: the "Open Revenge" between E.U.'s democratical
: institutions and the corruptial assassini Zionist
: lobbies:






: Somali Watch & SomaliNet & www.Kurdinfo and
: sympathizers

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