Shark fin soup

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Posted by Marla ( on October 17, 2003 at 20:24:06:

So shark fin soup is a delicacy they say. Have you ever stopped to think that your arrogant desire for these creatures in this manner or any otheris nothing less than deviant and vile. You are an acessory to genocide of creatures that have nobly roamed the oceans for over 400 million years. Despite your arrogance they deserve another 400 million years plus !! Are you so horrid of pathetic excuses of humans that you cannot admit that you have NO right to deprive these creatures from other generations and their medical benefits ? Sharks are researched for cures to AIDS, CANCERS and other illnesses becasue they have a vastly superior immune system than most creatures on Earth.Sharks are a a magnificently more refined species than we humans are. You don't see sharks killing each for greed,anger,power or religion the way we humans do every second of every day in every part of the world. No sharks swim,eat,protect themselves (when allowed) and mate. But most species can only mate after reaching 7 years, and some much more. After they've birthed their 2-10 pups to a litter they swim on to eat,protect themselves and mate again if the live long enough. You have no honor and should be ashamed that you have transgressed against nature in such a greivous and vile way. Your deviant desires can be satisfied in other ways without shark fins. Are you so hideously arrogant that you cannot admit that you are in the wrong here quenching your desires with a creature that cannot produce enough of itself to keep up with your shameful demands ?? There is time to this slaughter before they are all extinct. Do it now , or are you so vile that you cannot see the sins you've committed against Nature ?? Think about all this..

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