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Best Los Angeles Thai Restaurants (Best Los Angeles Thai Cuisines)

House of Chan Dara
310 North Larchmont Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034-3045
(323) 467-1052

Leela Thai Restaurant
1737 Silver Lake Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026-1221
(323) 660-6100

Palm Thai Restaurant
5900 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 462-5073

Siam Restaurant
7241 W. Manchester Ave
Address: Westchester, CA 90045
Tel: (310) 641-7600
Dishes Reviewed:
Pork Satay- No too many Thai restaurant serve Pork Satay. Each plate comes w/ 8 sticks of Satay. You can also order Chicken or Beef Satay. But the Pork is simply more delicious! (price: $6.95)
Mee Krop- Siam serves one of the best Mee Krops the author has tasted in Los Angeles. Those crispy noodles blending in w/ a sweet and sour sauce make a wonder appetizer or main dish (price: $7.50).
Kao Paht Poo- Not too many restaurants use real crab meat nowadays, but Siam's Crab Fried Rice comes w/ real crab meat and snow crab claws! (price: $10.95) Gai Yang- This is a wonderful dish for B.B.Q lovers. Unfortunately, the chicken was a little dry (price: $7.95)

Food: ****
Service: ****
Environment: ****
Overall Rating: ****
Price: $10-15 per person, dinner
Comments: Los Angeles has the most Thai restaurant outside Thailand. This is simply one of the best. Don't forget to order Thai Iced Tea to go with your dinner.

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