The Expositor's Bible
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    The Expositor's Bible

    The Expositor's Bible

    The Expositor's Bible, ISBN-0-8010-6685-9, Baker Book House Co., Grand Rapids, MI, 1982
  • Vol 1 Genesis to Ruth, 853 pages

  • 1)The Book of Genesis by Marcus Dods, D.D.
    2)The Book of Exodus by G.A. Chadwick, D.D.
    3)The Book of Leviticus by S.H. Kellog, D.D.
    4)The Book of Numbers by Robert A. Watson, M.A.
    5)The Book of Deuteronomy by Andrew Harper, B.D.
    6)The Book of Joshua by William Garden Blaikie, D.D.
    7)The Book of Judges by Robert A. Watson, M.A.
    8)The Book of Ruth by Robert A. Watson, M.A.
  • Vol 2 1Samuel to Job, 790 pages.

  • 1)The First Book of Samuel by W.G. Blaikie, D.D.
    2)The Second Book of Samuel by W.G. Blaikie, D.D.
    3)The First Book of Kings by F.W. Farrar, D.D.
    4)The Second Book of Kings by F.W. Farrar, D.D.
    5)The Books of Chronicles by W.H. Bennett, M.A.
    6)The Books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther by Walter F. Adeney, M.A.
    7)The Book of Job by Robert A. Watson, D.D.
  • Vol 3 Psalms to Isaiah, 846 pages.

  • 1)The Psalms by Alexander Maclaren, D.D.
    2)The Book of Proverbs by R.F. Horton, M.A.
    3)The Book of Ecclesiastes by Samuel Cox, D.D.
    4)The Song of Solomon and the Lamentations of Jeremiah by Walter F. Adeney, M.A.
    5)The Book of Isaiah by George Adam Smith, M.A.
  • Vol 4 Jeremiah to Mark, 922 pages.

  • 1)The Prophercies of Jeremiah by C.J. Ball, M.A.
    2)The Book of Jeremiah by W.H. Bennett, M.A.
    3)The Book of Ezekiel by John Skinner, M.A.
    4)The Book of Daniel by F.W. Farrar, D.D.
    5)The Book of the Twelve Prophets: Part I by George Adam Smith
    6)The Book of the Twelve Prophets: Part II by George Adam Smith
    7)The Gospel of ST. Matthew by John Monro Gibson
    8)The Gospel According to ST. Mark by G.A. Chadwick, D.D.
  • Vol 5 Luke to Galatians, 925 pages.

  • 1)The Gospel according to ST. Luke by Henry Burton, M.A.
    2)The Gospel of ST John by Marcus Dods, D.D.
    3)The Acts of the Apostles: Part I by G.T.Stokes, D.D.
    4)The Acts of the Apostles: Part II by G.T.Stokes, D.D.
    5)The Epistle of ST Paul to the Romnans by Handley C.G. Moule, M.A.
    6)The First Epistle to the Corinthians by Marcus Dods, D.D.
    7)The Second Epistle to the Corinthians by James Denney, D.D.
    8)The Epistle to the Galatians by G.G. Findlay, B.A.
  • Vol 6 Ephesians to Revelation, 925 pages. Plus 201 pages Index.

  • 1)The Epistle to the Ephesians by G.G. Findlay, B.A.
    2)The Epistle to the Phillippians by Robert Rainy, D.D.
    3)The Epistle of ST Paul to the Colossians and Philemon by Alexander Maclaren, D.D.
    4)The Epistle to the Thessalonians by James Denney, D.D.
    5)The Pastoral Epistles, by Alfred Plummer, M.A.
    6)The Epistle to the Hebews by Thomas Charles Edward, D.D.
    7)The General Epistle of ST James and ST Jude by Alfred Plummer, M.A.
    8)The Epistle of ST Peter by J. Rawson Lumby, D.D.
    9)The Epistle of ST John by William Alexander, D.D.
    10)The Book of Revelation by William Milligan, D.D.
    11)Complete Index edited by Forrest Morgan
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