The Record of virgin Mary and Suicide Blue
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    The Record of virgin Mary and Suicide Blue

    What do suicide and the record of Virgin Mary have in common? When people feel blue and commit suicide, lives are lost. On the contrary, through the Virgin Mary, Christ was born, who conquered death, resurrected and was glorified. Thus the former destroys lives and the latter gives lives.

    Are you feeling blue? Are you thinking about suicide? There is hope. According to the Biblical record, Christ died for our sin, so that we may have eternal life. You may be thinking why you would want eternal life while you are feeling blue and seeking suicide.

    Suicide is not permitted by God, for all human were made in the image of God. Thus one should not murder nor commit suicide. Besides, suicide is not the solution. Contrary to what most people believe, the Bible teaches that everyone has eternal life. The question is whether one would spend eternity in Heaven or Hell. By suicide, you may be jumping from the pan into the fire!

    Why is it important that Mary was a virgin? It is important, because of the doctrine of the 'virgin birth'. If Mary were not a virgin, then Christ was not sinless. For this, Mary 's virgin birth was essential as predicted by the record of prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 7:14). Christians believe that Christ is God, and thus it is vital that He is sinless. According to the record of Matthew 1:23, the author identifies Mary as a virgin (the Greek word parthenos, clearly denotes a virgin).

    People who feel blue, commit suicide because they think they have no way out. Often, people in blue can't think clearly. According to the medical record, being in blue for an extended period can also alter the body chemistry. As a result chemical imbalance can play tricks on the mind of the person in blue, making the person suicidal or think that he or she is going crazy. Therefore, if you are feeling blue, don't be despair. You are not alone. Christ's disciples betrayed (record of Matthew 26:14-15) and denied (record of Matthew 26:69-75) Him and He faced unjust trials and was crucified (record of Matthew 27:38) in our place. He was raised from death on the third day (record of Matthew 28:5-7), giving us the hope of eternal life.

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