Love, Romantic and Wedding Poems"
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    Love, Romantic and Wedding Poems

    There is a poem for every occasion, a father day poem, a mother day poem, a wedding poem (marriage poem), an anniversary poem, a graduation poem, a happy birthday poem, a baby shower poem, a good bye poem (a break up poem), a retirement poem, a funeral poem

    Here are a few examples of wedding poems in the Bible.

    The Song of Solomon 3:6-11

    6What do we see approaching from the desert like a cloud of smoke? With it comes the sweet smell of spices, including myrrh and frankincense.
    7It is King Solomon carried on a throne, surrounded by sixty of Israel's best soldiers.
    8Each of them wears a sword. They are experts at fighting, even in the dark.
    9The throne is made of trees from Lebanon.
    10Its posts are silver, the back is gold, and the seat is covered with purple cloth. You women of Jerusalem have taken great care to furnish the inside.
    11Now come and see the crown given to Solomon by his mother on his happy wedding day.

    We write poems to people we around us, like family members (a family poem), a poem for parent, a father poem (a daddy poem, a poem for dad), a mother poem (a mom poem, a poem for mom), a grandfather poem (a grandpa poem), a grandmother poem (a grandma poem), a son poem, a daughter poem, a sister poem, a brother poem, a teen poem, a child poem (kid poem), a new baby poem. We write poems to our friends, a friend poem, a friendship poem (a short friendship poem, a love friendship poem), a best friend poem, a thank teacher poem

    We write poems to let people know how we feel, like a short love poem (a best love poem, a free love, a sad love poem, a teen love poem, a romantic love poem), a sad poem, a funny poem, an inspirational poem, a thank you poem, a good bye poem (a break up poem), a romantic poem (a romantic love), a depressed poem, a sympathy poem, an I miss you poem (missing you poem), a broken heart poem, a hate poem, a sorry poem (I'm sorry poem), a poem from heart

    Here are some examples of love poems and romantic poems in the Bible

    The Song of Solomon Chapter 1

    1And we praise your love even more than wine.
    2Young women of Jerusalem,
    3it is only right that you should adore him.
    4My skin is dark and beautiful, like a tent in the desert
    5or like Solomon's curtains.
    6Don't stare at me
    just because the sun has darkened my skin.
    My brothers were angry with me;
    they made me work in the vineyard,
    and so I neglected my complexion.
    Don't let the other shepherds think badly of me.
    7I'm not one of those women who shamelessly follow after shepherds.
    My darling, I love you!
    Where do you feed your sheep and let them rest at noon?
    8My dearest, if you don't know, just follow the path of the sheep.
    Then feed your young goats near the shepherds' tents.
    9You move as gracefully as the pony that leads the chariot of the king.
    10Earrings add to your beauty, and you wear a necklace of precious stones.
    11Let's make you some jewelry of gold, woven with silver.
    12My king, while you were on your couch, my love was a magic charm.
    13My darling, you are perfume between my breasts;
    14you are flower blossoms from the gardens of En-Gedi.
    15My darling, you are lovely, so very lovely-- your eyes are those of a dove.
    16My love, you are handsome, truly handsome-- the fresh green grass will be our wedding bed
    17in the shade of cedar and cypress trees.

    Here are more examples of love poems and romantic poems in the Bible

    The Song of Solomon Chapter 2

    1I am merely a rose [a] from the land of Sharon, a lily from the valley.
    2My darling, when compared with other young women, you are a lily among thorns.
    3And you, my love, are an apple tree among trees of the forest. Your shade brought me pleasure; your fruit was sweet.
    4You led me to your banquet room and showered me with love.
    5Refresh and strengthen me with raisins and apples. I am hungry for love!
    6Put your left hand under my head and embrace me with your right arm.
    7Young women of Jerusalem, promise me by the power of deer and gazelles never to awaken love before it is ready.
    8I hear the voice of the one I love, as he comes leaping over mountains and hills
    9like a deer or a gazelle. Now he stands outside our wall, looking through the window
    10and speaking to me. My darling, I love you! Let's go away together.
    11Winter is past, the rain has stopped;
    12flowers cover the earth, it's time to sing. The cooing of doves is heard in our land.
    13Fig trees are bearing fruit, while blossoms on grapevines fill the air with perfume. My darling, I love you! Let's go away together.
    14You are my dove hiding among the rocks on the side of a cliff. Let me see how lovely you are! Let me hear the sound of your melodious voice.
    15Our vineyards are in blossom; we must catch the little foxes that destroy the vineyards.
    16My darling, I am yours, and you are mine, as you feed your sheep among the lilies.
    17Pretend to be a young deer dancing on mountain slopes until daylight comes and shadows fade away.

    There are poems for every age, a grandpa poem (a grandfather poem), a grandma poem (a grandmother poem), a father poem (a daddy poem, a poem for dad), a mother poem (a mom poem, a poem for mom), a teen poem, a child poem, a new baby poem.

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