Cryocooler Contamination Study: Temperature Dependence of Outgassing
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    Cryocooler Contamination Study: 

    Temperature Dependence of Outgassing

    S.W.K. Yuan and D.T. Kuo

    BAE Systems, Cryogenic Products

    Sylmar, CA 91342


    With the advance in technology, the life of the tactical cryocooler has extended way beyond the conventional 4,000 hours milestone1.And with the life extension, the contamination control of the manufacturing process has to be revisited, or cooler life may fall short of expectation, because outgassing is a function of time.This means that cooler components need to be baked out at a higher temperature or for a longer period of time.This in turn requires the knowledge of outgassing rate as a function of temperature. Contamination study of foreign gases and liquids in a cryocooler was discussed elsewhere2.Outgassing curves of water, alcohol, and acetone at 71°C were presented in the above study.This is a follow-up study emphasizing the temperature dependence of outgassing.

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    About the author- Dr. Sidney Yuan is a consultant in the field of Low Temperature Physics and Cryogenics, and has written a Book on Cryogenics and published extensively in the field. E-Mail.

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