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All about Warts and Treatment (Remedy or Cure) That Really Works

Gum disease, hair loss, warts and overweight must be the most common issues faced by Americans.

1.0 Introduction

This article is based on my personal experience in combating some very stubborn warts that grew on the knuckles of my fingers. I tried many remedies listed in the end of this article, but nothing worked. The method which finally healed my warts, I found by accident, but I soon discovered there is a strong scientific proof why this remedy worked and was able to cure warts.

After trying all the wart remedies in Section 10.0 of this article, I was desperate. I came across a cream in the Dollar Tree Store called Skin Protectant- Zinc Oxide Ointment USP manufactured by the Sheffield Laboratories. I am not related to Sheffield and I don't think the brand will make a difference. The important factor is that the cream contains Zinc.

As we know (see Section 6.0), the formation of warts are due to viruses, very similar to that of cold. Recently, Zinc has been considered by some to be the cure to the common cold, and seems to have an effect in combating virus. As soon as I remember this, I began to understand why this remedy has been so successful in curing my stubborn warts, which so many other remedies (Section 10.0) have failed. I also found that the effectiveness of the Zinc Oxide is enhanced by adding a layer of the Bag Balm (Dairy Association Co.) on top of the wart.

Application: Apply a thin layer of Zinc Oxide to the warts two times a day. After one hour, apply a layer of Bag Balm on the top of the Zinc Oxide layer. By now, the layer of Zinc Oxide should have been dried and one can apply the Bag Balm without mixing the creams. Let the creams on for as long as possible. Repeat the process twice a day. You should see marked result within two week. I know how stubborn my warts are and they were cured by this method!

2.0 What is Warts or what are Warts?

Warts are skin infections caused by viruses of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Different people have different resistance to the growth of warts

3.0 Types, Appearance and Symptoms of warts

  • Common Warts- Raised or hardened skin found on fingers, on hands, on knees, and elbows. It can also grow on the inside of the mouth or on genital or rectal areas. It has a rough surface and may look like the head of a cauliflower.
  • Filiform Warts- a thread or fingerlike wart, most common on the face, especially near the eyelids and lips
  • Flat Warts- Flat warts or plane warts are small, smooth warts with flat tops, which may grow in clusters; found most commonly on the face, neck, hands, wrists and knees. Flat warts may be pink, light brown, or yellow.
  • Gentile Warts- Genital warts are warts that occur in the genital areas.
  • Periungual Warts- These are warts around or underneath the nail.
  • Plantar Warts- Plantar warts or foot warts are found on the bottom of the foot, plantar warts can be very uncomfortable - like walking on a small stone. When plantar-type warts appear in clusters, they are also known as Mosaic warts.

  • 4.0 Characteristics of Warts

    Most warts are harmless and tend to fade and disappear on their own after a few years. However, some warts can linger longer and they can be unsightly and ugly. Warts are usually painless unless if they come in contacts with another surface, foe example, plantar warts with the sole of the shoe.

    5.0 How are Warts Formed? Warts are formed when the HPV virus comes in contact with exposed or small cuts in skin. Thus people who tend to bite their nails and skin have a higher likelihood in developing warts.

    6.0 Are Warts Contagious?

    Yes, like a cold, the virus that causes the wart can pass on from one person to another. However, different people have different resistance or immune reaction to the virus. Unprotected sex can pass genital warts from one person to another. Genital warts or penis warts in men can be detected more easily. In women, warts can grow on the cervix (vaginal warts), and a woman may not even know she has them. She may pass the infection to her sexual partner without knowing it.

    7.0 Preventing Warts

    Since warts are caused by viruses, the preventive measures for warts are very similar to that of colds. Wash your hands often and avoid open cuts or sores. Try not to touch anything in public places or restrooms unless absolutely necessary. There is a vaccine called Gardasil which aims at preventing cervical cancers and anogenital warts.

    8.0 Will Warts Recur or Come Back?

    Like colds, warts can come back or recur. It all depends on the immune system of the individuals. Genital warts are found to recur more easily than other types of warts.

    9.0 When to Call the Doctor

  • 1) When the wart is painful
  • 2) Normally, the skin will appear red if the dead skin on top of it is removed. However the wart itself should not be red.
  • 3) If swelling occurs
  • 4) If bleeding or oozing of pus occurs
  • 10.0 Wart Removal, Treatment, or Cure Which Did not Work for Me

  • 1) The Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Home Remedies
    I coated Vaseline around the warts so that surrounding skin will not be damaged. I then pour a small amount of ACV in a small dish and used a q-tip to apply the ACV on the warts. I then cover the warts with medical tapes and did not see any effect after more than a month.
  • 2) The Heal Wart Treatment
    I bought Heal Wart and applied it to my warts three times a day for one month. I did not see any cure or even improvement of my warts.
  • 3) The Wart Freeze (or Freezing) Wart Removal Method
    I bought an over-the-counter from a drug store. It required me to soak my warts in warm water for 5 minutes, and remove any dead skins by a pumice stone. A foam tip was then inserted onto the foam applicator, and the foam applicator is then inserted into the aerosol can and pressed down for 2 to 3 seconds. The foam was cold and I immediately applied that to the warts. The color of the skin which came in contact with the foam turned white and it appeared to work. I then covered the warts with bandages. Unfortunately, after a few day, the warts were still there, not cured.
  • 4) Colloidal Silver Wart Treatment
    I bought Colloidal silver and applied it to my warts three times a day for one month. I did not see any cure or even improvement of my warts.
  • 5) The Duct Tape Wart Home Remedies
    I put duct tapes on my warts for six to seven days in a row, making sure that I didn't get the duct tapes wet when I took showers. After more than three months, it was neither cured, nor did I see any improvement on the condition.
  • 6) The Salicylic Acid Over-the-Counter Wart Cures
    This was the first remedy which I tried. I soaked my warts in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes and removed any dead skins with a pumice stone. I then applied the Salicylic Acid on the warts and covered them with bandages. I have tried both liquid and cream forms of the salicylic acid. My warts stayed the same and there was no cures. I have also tried combining the salicylic acid and the duct tape treatments and still no cures.
  • 7) The Super-Glue Wart Treatment
    This was a desperate try for me after all the above remedies failed. I was surprised to find that other people also tried this remedy on the internet. I applied superglue to the warts and left the superglue on for as long as it would stay before the next treatment. It did not work for me.

  • 11.0 Other Known Treatments or Remedies Which I did not Try

  • 1) The Potato Wart Remedy Cut a small piece of potato and rub it on the wart. Apply a new surface of the potato onto the wart every time and continue for two times daily. Some claim this wart treatment works.
  • 2) Copper Penny Wart Cure Take a penny and place it over the wart and leave it on there for a day...if it starts to turn black then the wart is dead, if not leave it on there for a couple of nights. One can take the penny off during the day and put it on at night when sleeping. Some claim this wart cure is effective.
  • 3) Nail Polish Wart Treatment Apply a few layers of nail polish on the wart and let it stay on for as long as possible and apply a new layer if needed. Some claim this wart removal method works.
  • 4) The Glutarol Wart Remedy This is a over-the-counter remedy. Simply apply the glutarol onto the wart. Some claim this wart remedy works.
  • 5) The Castrol Oil Wart Cure Apply castor oil to the wart every night and cover the wart by a bandage. Some claim this treatment of wart is effective.
  • 6) The Garlic Wart Treatment Apply Vaseline on the skin area around the wart, then rub raw garlic on the warts. Some claim this cure of wart works.
  • 7) The Aspirin Wart Remedy This approach is very similar to the Salicylic Acid Over-the-Counter Wart Cures described above. Some claim this removal of wart in great.
  • 8) The Banana Skin Cure Wash and dry the wart and surrounding skin. Cut a small piece of unripe banana and put it on the wart. Stabilize the banana piece on the wart with a piece of tape. Repeat the process until the wart is healed. Some claim this remedy for wart is effective.
  • 9) The Fig Leaf Milk Treatment Clean the wart and surrounding skin. Take a fig leaf and squeeze some milk out of the stem and apply it on the wart. Cover the wart with a bandage and let heal. Some claim this treatment for wart works.
  • 10) The Urine Remedy I have to admit this is a very strange remedy. It requires one to urine on the wart. Ill! But some claim this remedy for wart is the only way to go.

  • Disclaimer:
    The remedies (remedy) described on this page is based on personal experience which indeed helped to cure warts. However, the result may vary from person to person. We are not responsible for the effectiveness. The reader should consult his or her physician (doctor, dermatologist, wart specialist) before trying this wart remedy (wart remedies). Yutopian Enterprises is not associated with any of the organizations mentioned on this page, and are not responsible nor liable for any consequences of using their services.

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