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    Oriental Secrets to Weight Loss, Beautiful Skin and High Energy

    After practicing the simple breathing exercise, I lost 6 pounds in two weeks inbetween checkups at my doctor's office. My waist measure reduced from 44 inches to 41 inches. My blood pressure dropped from 145/90 mmHg to 132/70 mmHg and my doctor was truely amased at my progress (at age 72). I strongly recommend this book!

    C.C.Y., Santa Monica, California

    Not only did this exercise program reduce my weight, it cured my chronic Hepatitis.

    In 1983, I was diagnosed as having an abnormal level of GPT, which was later determined to be due to Hepatitis. Between July of 1986 and November of 1987, my Hepatitis seemed to be under control. Unfortunately, it recurred at the end of 1987 because of m y heavy work load at the time. I consulted a number of doctors and had tried various medications but they didn't do me any good. At the end of 1988, my GPT level rose to over 100 (the normal value is less than 30). In February of 1989, I was diagnosed as having fatty liver. I was depressed and had lost self-esteem. I began to stay home and eat heavily, gaining weight rapidly. At that time, I was 27 years old. I was 179 cm (5U10S) tall and I weighed 93 kg (204.6 lb); my waist measure was 98.5 cm (38.8 inch es).

    A friend of mine recommended that I should try the Chi Kung exercise program. In the beginning, I didn't really have much faith at all. After one month of exercise, my GPT level became normal. In June of 1989, my weight dropped to 75 kg (165 lb) and my waist measure became 80 cm (31.5 inches). I was able to fit into clothes that hadn't fit me. Most of my colleagues didn't even recognize me because of my new appearance.


    As a youth, I was quite athletic and played soccer, volleyball, basketball, and ping pong. Because of this, I had a well-built body and was quite muscular. After becoming middle-aged, due to my work environment, I had little or no exercise and my muscle changed to fat. Together with weight gain came all sorts of illnesses. In 1989 (at the age of 55), my weight was 86.5 kg (190.3 lb) and my waist measure was 108 cm (42.5 inches). The high blood pressure that had been accompanying me for over 20 years was 170/110 mm Hg. Although my doctor put me on medication, my hypertension was never under control, and it made me dizzy all the time.

    I joined the Chi Kung Weight-Reduction Program on March 6, 1989, and began practicing the exercises on March 7. To verify the effect of this program, I asked my doctor to give me a check-up on the second day. It was indeed amazing! After just one day, I had lost 4 kg (8.8 lb) in weight, 2 cm (0.8 inch) in my waist measure, and my blood pressure was down to 160/100 mm Hg. The doctor and my entire family were astounded. After 12 days, my weight was down to 75 kg (165 lb). ThatUs 11.5 kg (25.3 lb) total red uction and a daily average reduction of 1 kg (2.2 lb)! My blood pressure was down to 120/94 mm Hg. (I stopped my blood pressure medication as soon as I started the Chi Kung exercises). Before the program, my EKG was abnormal. The Chi Kung exercises helped to correct that after one year.

    The Chi Kung exercises are easy to learn and simple to do. I can practice the exercises almost anywhere (at home and at work) and anytime.


    I am 34 years old, 165 cm (5U5S) tall, and weighed 82 kg (180.4) before the exercise program. Due to obesity, I carried excessive weight around my waist and thighs, hindering my mobility. It felt as if I was carrying a heavy package on my back when I wa lked, making it very inconvenient.

    I was a welding technician and I performed my job mostly in a crouch. After a day's work, my back pain was intolerable, and I was actively in search of a weight-loss program that worked.

    In May of last year I started practicing the Chi Kung exercise. Unexpectedly, I lost 1 kg (2.2 lb) the first day, and more than 5 kg (11 lb) in a week. That firmed up my trust in the program, and I was determined to lose weight.

    After about two months, my weight was down to 57 kg (125.4) and my waist measure reduced from 92 cm (36.2 inches) to 66 cm (26 inches). Amazingly, the exercise also helped reduce wrinkles on my face and made my skin softer.

    In the past, I had consulted chiropractors and acupuncture and massage specialists for my back pain without any success. I also went through back surgery without much improvement. Not only did the Chi Kung exercises reduce my weight, they cured my back p ain. I was 30 years old before losing weight and most people thought I was 50; now I look like a 20 year-old. I used to limp when I walked, now, I am light and beautiful.


    In three days, I lost 4 kg (8.8 lb)! I now weigh 63 kg (138.6 lb), compared to 83 kg (182.6 lb) before the Chi Kung exercises; I look like a different person.

    I am 48 years old, and 158 cm (5U2S) tall. Ever since I was 30, I had weighed around 83 kg (182.6 lb). During 1972 and 1973, I tried various diet programs, which were effective for a short while, but I could never maintain my weight. The Chi Kung Weight- Reduction Exercise Program was like a dream came true for me. Not only did I lose weight, I also became healthier. It helped to reduce the fat content in my liver, cured my arthritis, my headaches, and my mild heart disease. I felt wonderful. I was able t o fit into all my old clothes, and everyone told me I looked younger and more energetic.


    I am a 53 year-old factory worker. I found the Chi Kung Weight-Reduction exercises, which also cured my other diseases, very effective. I had high blood pressure and was put on medication in 1983. As a side effect, I had been impotent for more than 7 year s. After two months of the Chi Kung exercises, my impotence was cured. I am 170 cm (5U7S) tall and not too fat, weighing 69 kg (151.8 lb). I weigh merely 66 kg (145 lb) now, and I feel wonderful and energetic.

    Mr. Liu

    I am glad to tell you that I was successful in reducing weight, and I am delighted about the result. People around me were surprised and envious, and they kept on asking me for my secret.

    After half a year of the exercise program, my weight dropped from 81 kg (178.2 lb) to 63.5 kg(139.7 lb), achieving my goal. Starting from September (almost 3 months ago), due to my work load, I have stopped practicing the Chi Kung exercise, but I have sti ll been watching my diet (more vegetables). Not only I did not regain any weight, I lost an extra 0.5 kg (1.1 lb).

    I am joyful that most of the beautiful and fashionable clothes in the store can fit me now.

    Ms. Dai

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