Nestorian Faith (400's-500's)

    Nestorian Faith (400's-500's)

    The Nestorian faith broke off from the mainstream Christianity in 428 A.D. and began to spread eastward from Rome. Through Syria and Persia, the Nestorian faith reached Xinjiang of China between the 5th and the 6th century. The Chinese referred to the Nestorian faith as the Jinjiao, the Persian faith or the Nishike faith.

    During Emperor Tang Taizhong's reign (635 A.D.), estorian Monk Olopen arrived at Changan, and was greeted by Taizhong with respect. Taizhong sent his prime minister Fang Yuanling to welcome Olopen, who was then invited to the Emperor's personal library to translate scripture. Olopen became a regular guest inside the palace of Taizhong. In 638 A.D. Taizhong ordered to build a church for Olopen, known as the Persian Temple or the DaiQin Temple, and allowed him to preach freely. When Gaozhong became emperor, he awarded Olopen the title of the National Priest. Jinjiao Churches popped up everywhere in China. Being a Buddhist, Empress Wu's persecuted Jinjiao during her reign. After Empress Wu lost power, Emperor Xuan Zhong reestablished Jinjiao and placed the portraits of Gao Zu, Tai Zhong, Gao Zhong, Zhong Zhong, and Juan Zhong in the DaiQin Temple.

    When Emperor Wu Zhong banned Buddhism in China, Jinjiao was also affected and eventually disappeared from China. However, along the south-east coast of China, there were still a lot of Jinjiao followers at the end of Tang Dynasty. Jinjiao's activities on north-west China persisted until the Song Dynasty. During the Yuan Dynasty, the Nestorian faith was reintroduced into China, building a church in Beijing (known as Dadu then) in 1275. Jinjiao follower could be found everywhere in Chuanzhou, Yangzhou, Hanzhou, Qunming, and Gangsu. By the time Emperor Yuan Zhisun took power (1330), there were more than 30,000 followers.

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