Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.)
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    Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 A.D.)


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    Tang Dynasty (618 907 A.D.)

    Tang Gao Zu Li Yuan

    (618 627 A.D.)

    Li Yuan made Changan the capital.

    Bantu Africans crossed River Limpopo, taking iron Age south. Arabs conquered Tunis. Ghanians expelled Berber overlords and brought empire under black rule. The Moche civilization developed. (700 A.D.)

    Muslims ruled great empire from Spain in west to countries bordering China in east. Invasion of Moors from North Africa (710 A.D.)

    Arabs learnt secret of paper making from Chinese. Toltecs, warlike people, built empire in Mexican highlands. (750 A.D.)

    Franks introduced Feudalism. Trans-Sahara trade between West and North Africa (800 A.D.

    Citadel built at Zimbabwe. The Maya emigrated to Yucatan (850 A.D.)

    Tang Tai Zong

    (627 650 A.D.)

    Sent monk Tang Sanzhang to India to fetch the Buddhist scripture (628 A.D.). Catholic (Nestorian) monk Olopen came to China.

    Tang Gao Zong

    (650 684 A.D.)

    Defeated the Turkish (657 A.D.). Defeated Korea and Japans assist to Korea (660-663 A.D.)

    Tang Zhong Zong

    (684 685 A.D.)

    Empress Wu removed Zhong Zong from power and replaced him with his brother, Dan.

    Tang Juan Zong

    (685 690 A.D.)

    Empress Wu exiled Zhong Zong to Fang Zhou (685 A.D.).

    Tang Empress Wu

    (690 713 A.D.)

    First female emperor in Chinese history, Empress Wu changed the dynasty to Zhou (690 A.D.). Zhong Zong regained power and changed the dynasty back to Tang (705 A.D.). Empress Wei assassinated Zhong Zong and put Juan Zong in power (710 A.D.) Li Bei- A famous poet (701-762 A.D.)

    Tang Xuan Zong

    (713 756 A.D.)

    Xuan Zongs reign marked the height of Tangs art. Divided the country into 15 sections (733 A.D.). An LuShan rebelled against Tang Dynasty (755 A.D.). Du Pu- A famous poet (712-770 A.D.)

    Tang Xiao Zong

    (756 763 A.D.)

    Xuang Zong fled to Shu (756 A.D.)

    An LuShan killed (757 A.D.)

    Tang Dai Zong

    (763 780 A.D.)

    Tibetans invaded China and raided Changan (763 A.D.)

    Tang De Zong

    (780 805 A.D.)

    Established Tax system, taxing in Summer and Autumn (780 A.D.)

    Tang Sun Zong

    (805 806 A.D.)

    Tang Xian Zong

    (806 821 A.D.)

    Tang Mu Zong

    (821 825 A.D.)

    Demoting Li Zhongwen, the Ming rebellion started (821 A.D.)

    Tang Jin Zong

    (825 827 A.D.)

    Tang Wen Zong

    (827 841 A.D.)

    Prime Minister Niu Zengyu laid down the rules for Chinese Chess (or Xiangqi)

    Tang Wu Zong

    (841 847 A.D.)

    Destroyed all Buddhist temples, forcing monks and nuns to go home (845 A.D.).

    Tang Xuan Zong

    (847 860 A.D.)

    Christians forbidden to preach in China. Guo Shiyan the Weiqi administrator played a game of Go against a Japanese prince.

    Tang Yi Zong

    (860 874 A.D.)

    Tang She Zong

    (874 889 A.D.)

    Huang Chaos rebelled against Tang. Li Ke Yong suppressed Huang Chao and recovered Chang An.

    Tang Zhao Zong

    (889 907 A.D.)

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