Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.)
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    Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 A.D.)


    Kings / Kingdoms

    Events In China

    Comments / Worldwide Events

    Ming Dynasty (1368 1644 A.D.)

    Ming Tai Zu

    (1,368 1,399 A.D.)

    Zhu Yuan Zhang made Jin Ling his capital. Attacked Yuan Dynasty in and forced the Mongols to flee to Kai Ping (1,368 A.D.) and later to He Lin (1,369 A.D.) Set up a puppet government in Korea (1,398 A.D.)

    Decline of the Mali Empire (1,400 A.D.)

    India- Ahmed Shah built Ahmadabed as his capital (1,411 A.D.)

    Portuguese Prince, Henry the Navigator, organized many voyages of discovery along coast of West Africa (1,432 A.D.)

    Incas established empire in Peru (1,438 A.D.)

    Germany- Invention of printing by machinery and movable letters (1,450 A.D.)

    End of Hundred Years War between England and France. Turkey Mohammed II conquered Constantinople, end of Byzantine Empire (1,453 A.D.)

    Africa- Rise of Songhai Empire (1,468 A.D.)

    Spanish began conquest of North Africa; Columbus reached America (1,492 A.D.) discovered South America (1,498 A.D.)

    Italian Renaissance (1,500 A.D.)

    Martin Luther outlawed. Beginning of Protestant Reformation (1,521 A.D.)

    First Tsar of Russia (1,547 A.D.)

    Puritan Pilgrim Fathers from England reached Cape Cod in Mayflower (1,620 A.D.)

    Dutch settled in New Amsterdam, later called New York (1,625 A.D.). French found Montreal (1,642 A.D.)

    Ming Hui Di

    (1,399 ? 1,403 A.D)

    Ming Chen Zu

    (1,403 1,425 A.D.)

    Death of Tamerlane; Mongol Empire disintegrated (1,405 A.D.)

    Seven voyages of Zheng He to the South (1,405 1,433 A.D.), reaching as far as the east coast of Africa. Sent messengers to Japan and occupied Vietnam (1,406 A.D.). Constructed Dong (East ) Chang (1,420 A.D.). Moved to Beijing (1,420 A.D.)

    Ming Ren Zong

    (1,425 1,426 A.D)

    Ming Xuan Zong

    (1,426 1,436 A.D.)

    Ming Ying Zong

    (1,436 1,450 A.D.)

    Ying Zong captured by Wa Ci in 1,449 A.D. (a Mongol tribe)

    Ming Jing Zong

    (1,450 1,465 A.D.)

    Wa Ci asked for peace. Ying Zong returned to China (1,459 A.D.)

    Ming Xian Zong

    (1,465 1,488 A.D.)

    Built Xi (West) Chang (1,477 A.D.)

    Ming Xiao Zong

    (1,488 1,506 A.D.)

    Ming Wu Zong

    (1,506 1,522 A.D)

    Liu Jin established his power in the government, and imprisoned more than 300 officials (1,508 A.D.)

    Ming Shi Zong

    (1,522 1,567 A.D.)

    Attacked Vietnam (1,539 A.D.)

    Francis Javier, Jesuit missionary attempted to enter China (1,549 A.D.)

    Japan invaded ZheJiang (1,554 A.D.)

    Ming Mu Zong

    (1,567 1,573 A.D.)

    Ming Sheng Zong

    (1,573 1,620 A.D.)

    Missionaries Matteo Ricci and Lazaro Cantteo came to China in 1581. Japan invaded Korea (1,592 A.D.). China helped Korea to expel the Japanese (1,599 A.D.). Missionaries Nicolas Trigault (1,609) and Alvarus de Semedo (1,613) came to China. Manchurian leader, Qing Tai Zu crowned himself king (1,616 A.D.). Nanjing Missionary Case (1616 A.D.)- Clash between Chinese practice of ancestor worship and Catholic doctrine lead to deportation of foreign missionaries. Missionary John Aaden Scall von Bell came to China.

    Ming Guan Zong

    (1,620 1,621 A.D.)

    Ming Xi Zong

    (1,621 1,628 A.D.)

    The Manchurians occupied Shen Yang, and made Liao Yang their capital. Rebellion of Li Zicheng (1,621 A.D.). JiaDing Christian Conference- discussion of Christian terminology and practices.

    Ming Si Zu

    (1,628 1,644 A.D.)

    Manchurians established the Qing Dynasty (1,636 A.D.).

    Li Zi Cheng occupied Kai Feng in 1,642 A.D., and seized Beijing in 1,643 A.D.

    Si Zu hung himself and the Ming Dynasty ended in 1,644 A.D.

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